55 BHP from a KTM Duke/RC 390; Mantra Racing’s remap = India’s most POWERFUL KTMs

by Yatharth Chauhan

Bangalore-based Mantra Racing has come up with many performance upgrades for most of the KTM motorcycles sold in the country. Hence, most of the KTM owners can simply purchase these bolt-on parts to enhance the performance of their motorcycles. These performance modifications are suitable for all KTM Duke 390/200 and RC 390/200 models manufactured before 2017.

Mantra Racing is offering a Stage 1 ECU flash for the KTM 390 Duke and RC 390. This performance upgrade costs Rs 12,000 (exclusive of logistics) and is claimed to improve mid-range torque and low-end power delivery without making a significant impact on the fuel efficiency.

As you can see in the dyno chart below, there’s a significant rise in performance. Low-end performance has improved by a slight margin while the mid-range gets much better than before. The top-end, too, witnesses a good improvement. As per the dynometer chart, the max. power from the Stage I ECU mod is 53.25 bhp and the peak torque output is 39.2Nm, which is a substantial rise over the 42.90 bhp and 36 Nm that the stock motorcycle produces.


Mantra Racing is also offering a Stage 2 ECU flash for the KTM 390 Duke and RC 390. Even, this performance upgrade costs Rs 12,000. The customizers claim that coupling the Stage 2 ECU with the TBM drop-in replacement filter enhances the performance without having an adverse effect on the fuel efficiency. The Stage II mod makes things even more exciting. As per the dyno results we have here, a Stage II ECU with a Mantra Racing TBM air filter and a Titanium Exhaust system enable the motorcycle to produce 55.1 bhp and 38.2 Nm.

The Bangalore-based customizer also offers a Stage 1 ECU flash for KTM 200 Duke and RC 200. This performance upgrade costs Rs 9,500 (exclusive of logistics). There’s also a Stage 2 ECU flash for the KTM 200 Duke and RC 200. Even the Stage 2 ECU costs Rs 9,500.

Mantra Racing is also offering TBM replacement panel filters for KTM Duke 200/390 and RC 200/390. The TBM replacement panel filters for KTM feature a synthetic woven cotton-polyester filter media, which comes painted in Mantra Racing Blue and is enclosed within a super fine SS312 black mesh. The complete filter assembly is encased in a high temperature-resistant automobile grade EPDM rubber gasket. It costs Rs. 2700. As per the customizer, all the modifications have been tested for their effectiveness.

Does it affect the warranty?

Installing the Mantra Racing Stage 1 and Stage 2 ECUs, air filter and exhaust system can definitely void the warranty. Hence, you are requested to keep this aspect in mind before opting for this mod. Do remember that honouring the warranty is at the manufacturer’s discretion. Hence, they can always blame these after-market parts in case something goes wrong with your motorcycle. Of course, there’s no problem if your bike is already out of its warranty period.

We feel that all these modifications are a good way to enhance the performance of the aforementioned KTM motorcycles without having a negative impact on the fuel efficiency. Also, none of these modifications cost too much, which makes them even more lucrative. You can reach out to Mantra Racing Sales, Bangalore, through their Facebook page HERE.

via Drivespark

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