Yes, the Royal Enfield Bullet is known for its terrific low end torque and all that, but 58 men riding on one? Well, 58 men of the Indian Army Service Corps (ASC) set a world record on November 19th by riding on a single Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle for over a kilometer. Here’s a video of the record breaking ride.

This record was set at the Yelahanka Air Force base in Bangalore, by an army team called the Tornadoes. The team was led by Major Bunny Sharma while Subedar Rampal Singh rode the motorcycle that carried 57 other Indian Army men. The team rode the bike for nearly 1,200 meters.

With their latest attempt, The Tornadoes just broke the previous world record set by them in 2010, when they managed to ride a Bullet with 56 men on it. The Royal Enfield Bullet used for this record breaking ride was a 500cc model. A custom-made frame was attached to the bike, in order to accommodate the 58 men. However, the bike continued to ride on two wheels.

The army men practiced multiple times before the record breaking ride, and weights of the men were closely monitored. It’s said that the army men who were a part of the record-breaking team just had biscuits and 100 ml water in the run up to the ride. They failed to break the record in the first two attempts, and only got it right in the third run.

The team was formed in 1982 under the aegis of Colonel C N Rao and Captain J P Verma. Ever since, the Tornadoes have held a total of 19 world and national records for performing stunts on the Royal Enfield Bullet 500. The team has 39 members with two officers, two JCOs and 35 junior ranks, and has over 1,000 shows to its credit across India and the world.

The Royal Enfield Bullet 500 that the Tornadoes used to break the Guinness world record is a cast-iron model, which is no longer in production. The bike used a 499cc, long stroke engine with about 22 Bhp of peak power and 38 Nm of peak torque. A four speed manual gearbox with a neutral finder is standard on the motorcycle, which used overhead valves and pushrods. This bike’s production was stopped sometime in 2007.