58 year-old Hindustan Ambassador beautifully restored: Check it out [Video]

The Hindustan Ambassador is that car that has played an important role in India’s automotive history. It was one of the most popular car of its time and has been an official car for our politicians and other government servants for years. The Ambassador was in production for quite some time and for all these years, the car remained more or less the same in terms of design. Even though the car was popular, it was not reflecting in the sales and due to this low demand Hindustan Motors had to finally put a stop on the production of Ambassadors in 2014. We still have collectors across the country who have well maintained examples of Ambassador, and here we have one such video that shows a pristine-ly maintained Amby.

The video has been uploaded by Dajish P on his youtube channel. The Ambassador in the video is 1962 model Mark 1 Ambassador. The owner of this vehicle had bought it from a person in 2004 and since then this car has been with him. The owner clearly mentions that the old owner this vehicle had modified the interiors of the car to look like a the one seen in Mark 4 Ambassador. The current owner of this vehicle after buying this car then restored the interiors and exteriors to make it a Mark1 Ambassador.

The whole car was repainted about 10 years ago and the car still looks good. Almost all the parts on this car have been restored. The front headlamp and deep cowl around it, the front grille and Ambassador logo on the bonnet are all original. The owner has however replaced the stock wheels with aftermarket alloy wheels. The beading on all the windows and the boot are all restored.

58 year-old Hindustan Ambassador beautifully restored: Check it out [Video]

On the inside the as mentioned above, the dashboard has been restored to look like a Mark 1 Amby. The speedometer, oil pressure gauge and steering wheels are all restored. The seats have been redone and the gear lever has been shifted from behind the steering wheel to the floor where we generally find it these days.

When the owner bought this car, it was fitted with a Matador 305 engine and the owner replaced with a Matador 301 engine for better performance of the AC. The restoration work on this 58 year old Amby looks neat, and the car without any doubt is one of the better looking restored Ambassadors in the country.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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