6 All-New Compact SUV Launches in the Next 12 Months

Snapshot – April is here and so is the new financial year. Automakers for their parts, are busy making plans to shore up volumes and business with new launches. Before this financial year makes way for the next, half a dozen all-new SUVs will hit the Indian car market. We give you a brief summary on what to expect from each of them, along with launch timelines and expected price points.

Maruti Suzuki S-Cross


The S-Cross will lead the SUV blitz from Maruti Suzuki. The crossover is coming to India within the next 3 months. A 1.6 liter naturally aspirated petrol motor and 1.6 liter Fiat Multijet turbo diesel engines are highly likely. Maruti could even slip in a smaller, 1.3 liter turbo diesel motor to make the S-Cross available at a lower price point. The S-Cross is expected to rub shoulders with the likes of the Renault Duster and the Mahindra XUV500 by splitting the two vehicles in terms of pricing. Prices could start from about 9 lakh rupees, going up to 12 lakh rupees. The S-Cross will be the first of four new SUVs that Maruti Suzuki is likely to launch in India.

Hyundai iX25

2015 Hyundai iX25 Compact SUV 6

The iX25 will be Hyundai’s first compact SUV for India. The South Korean automaker is said to be betting big on localization, in order to price the iX25 competitively. Along the way, the SUV could also see a name change, with the GS moniker doing the rounds as one possible name. The iX25 is expected to pack in 1.4 liter and 1.6 liter turbo diesel engines, and a 1.6 liter naturally aspirated petrol motor. Armed with a monocoque body, a front wheel drive layout is a given on this SUV, whose international variants also feature an all wheel drive layout. Pricing could start somewhere near the 8 lakh rupee mark, giving the Renault Duster sleepless nights. The launch of this vehicle will happen in the second half of this year.

Mahindra S101

Mahindra S101 Compact SUV Render 2

The S101 will be the country’s first micro SUV with strong manufacturer and service support, of course after discounting the Premier Rio that never really took off. The S101 will seat six adults in a unique 3+3 layout, and will measure well under 4 meters. The SUV’s pricing is likely to undercut the Quanto as Mahindra wants to lure B-Segment hatchback buyers into SUV territory with the S101. The micro SUV is said to use 1.2 liter petrol and turbo diesel motors, both in three cylinder layouts. An automated manual transmission option will also be offered on the monocoque bodied vehicle, which will be front wheel driven in the interest of maximizing fuel efficiency. A launch during the festive season is likely.

Mahindra U301 Bolero 

Mahindra U301 Bolero MUV Render
CarToq’s speculative render of the U301 Mahindra Bolero Compact SUV, which is due for late 2015 launch

By the end of this year, the Bolero will be reimagined as a viable, rugged option for younger SUV buyers when the U301 code-named vehicle gets launched in India. The U301 codenamed Bolero will measure under 4 meters in length, in order to qualify for excise duty benefits. In the same vein, the SUV will use the 1.5 liter twin scroll turbocharger equipped diesel motor from the Quanto. A rear wheel drive layout and a ladder frame chassis will be the two major selling points of the compact SUV. In terms of pricing, the U301 Bolero is likely to sit above the Quanto, taking on the Ford EcoSport.

Maruti Suzuki YBA/XA-Alpha

Maruti Suzuki YBA XA-Alpha Compact SUV Render 2

Next year, at the Indian Auto Expo, the big unveil from Maruti Suzuki is expected to be the sub-4 meter YBA/XA-Alpha code-named compact SUV. The YBA will be Maruti’s Ford EcoSport rival and will be priced thus. A starting price tag close to the 6 lakh rupee mark could send competition reeling, especially since it is a Maruti Suzuki badged vehicle we’re talking about here. 1.2 liter naturally aspirated petrol (likely to be the K-Series unit) and 1.3 liter Fiat Multijet turbo diesel motors will be offered on the SUV. Since the XA Alpha/YBA is meant to be a urban crossover, a four wheel drive layout may be dispensed with in favour of the lighter, more fuel efficient front wheel drive set up.

Tata Nexon

2016 Tata Nexon Crossover Concept 2

The Tata Nexon crossover concept made its debut at the 2014 Indian Auto Expo. Back then, a timeline of about 24 months was envisaged for putting this vehicle into production. With that, the 2016 Indian Auto Expo is expected to spawn the production version of this crossover, whose styling is said to be inspired by the Range Rover Evoque. The crossover will measure under 4 meters in length and is expected to use turbocharged 1.2 liter petrol and 1.3 liter diesel motors. Manual transmissions and a front wheel drive layout are givens while an automated manual transmission could also be served up. The Nexon is expected to be priced similar to the Ford EcoSport.