6 brake problems in your car that you should never ignore

Anyone who drives car or rides a bike is well aware how important brakes on your vehicle actually are. Many people or car owners tend to ignore some of the small signs that indicates wear and tear on the brakes or the car itself. It is not a good practice in any case. Especially ignoring condition of your brakes could lead to huge problems and even cause fatal accidents. Just like any other part of the car, brakes also need to be taken care of at equal intervals. Here are some of the signs that point towards issue in you car brakes.

Vibrating steering wheel or brake pedal

6 brake problems in your car that you should never ignore

The steering wheel or the brake pedal on your car would start vibrating if there is some issue with rotors. This normally happens when there are some irregularities with the rotors. As the rotor’s surface is not even, the vibration from the brake pads is sent to the brake pedal and even the steering wheel. Whenever such a situation arises always take the vehicle to a nearby authorised service centre or workshop and get the issue resolved.

Car Pulling to One Side When Braking

Another sign that points towards a fault in the brakes is when the car starts pulling to one side when the driver applies brakes. This happens when the brake calipers are not applying pressure evenly on the discs. There are couple of reasons why this could happen. One of them is a faulty or broken brake hose which is very dangerous. The other reason is a caliper getting stuck due to various reasons like dirt, dust, bent piston or even rust. Driving with a faulty caliper means all the pressure is being handled by one single caliper and which is dangerous as there are chances that it might fail.

Burning smell while braking

If there is a burning smell from the car while applying brakes then there are chances that the disc and the braking fluid in the car are overheating. When you notice something like this, it is always recommended to bring the car to a complete stop. After stopping the car engage the parking brakes and check whether smoke is coming out from the discs or not. Also open the bonnet as it would help the brake fluid cool down. Once that temperature falls down, you can continue the journey. You should also get the vehicle inspected at a nearest workshop before this issue arises again. This issue normally arises when the car is coming downhill where drivers tend apply brakes to keep the speed under control.

Brake warning light or ABS warning light

6 brake problems in your car that you should never ignore

Every car has a warning light for the ABS system. This light comes up usually when the hydraulic pressure is lost or low. The indicators shows that there is something wrong with the ABS. If something like this appears on your dashboard, always take your car to a workshop or authorised service centre to get the vehicle inspected and resolve the issue.

Brake squeaking noise

6 brake problems in your car that you should never ignore

Brake pads used on the car come with metal plates which make squeaking noise when they come in contact with the metal disc. This sound is actually an indicator telling that the brake pads have completely worn out and is time to change. If not changed, the metal portion on the brake pads will run against the disc and damage it. Sometimes, the noise can also be produced due to low lubrication levels in the rear drum brakes which can be checked by a professional.

Spongy or soft brake pedal

6 brake problems in your car that you should never ignore

If you feel that the brake pedal in your car is not as responsive as it used to be and has a spongy feel to it then it is time for you to take the car to the workshop. This spongy feeling on your brake pedal might be because of some problem with the master cylinder. It is quite possible that there is some moisture, air or a leak which is not letting the pressure build up.

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