6 car accessories that do more harm than good

6 car accessories that do more harm than good

Accessories are meant to enhance the car, in terms of performance, looks or even in terms of usability. Sometimes, these enhancements may do more harm than good. Here are 6 such accessories.

Bull bars

Mahindra Scorpio Bull Bar

In India, bull bars are a rage on cars and SUVs. From the micro sized Nano to the brawny Scorpio, the bull bar is used for various purposes that range from protection to intimidation. This accessory does more harm than good. Bull bars are meant to protect the car’s bumpers from accidental scrapes and nudges. It performs this task reasonably well, but that’s missing the woods for the trees.

Whenever the car is involved in a frontal collision, the bull bar becomes a problem rather than the solution, as it transfers all the force that is meant to be absorbed by the bumper and sub frame of the car, to the occupants on the main frame of the car. This results in the monocoque getting damaged, or worse the passengers bearing the brunt of the force transfer. They can also interfere in the proper functioning of airbags.


Car Spacers

A wider track looks good on almost every car on the road, but using spacers to achieve that look is pushing your luck. While spacers will give you that wider stance for just a few thousand rupees, you will lose out on wheel bearing life, and in the worst case, end up with a sheared-off wheel studs. And sheared off wheel studs mean that the entire wheel can come off. A scary thing when you’re driving, isn’t it? All those good looks due to a spaced stance can come undone in a moment if and when the wheel shears off.

Lift kits

Mahindra Bolero Lift

Some specialist vehicles need lift kits for certain off road conditions, and the owners of these vehicles generally revert to stock after the purpose has been served. However, there are bunch of those who invest in lift kits for their SUVs just for the “lifted” macho look. In most cases, this lift is plain dangerous as it grossly affects the handling dynamics of the SUV. Also, lift kits raise the center of gravity, making the vehicle more prone to tipping over. God save you in an emergency braking maneuver when you need to swerve and brake together.

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