6 CLASSY modified Maruti Swift & Baleno hatchbacks from India

Both Maruti Suzuki Swift and Balenos are high selling models in India. While the Swift has been around for some time now, the Baleno is relatively new and is positioned above the Swift in the market. There are enough modified examples of both the vehicles in the market. We bring you three classy modified examples of Swift and Baleno each.

Abarth Swift

This Swift gets an Abarth makeover with a full body sticker job. The custom job is based on the Swift Deca edition, which is a limited edition from Maruti and adds a unique colour theme to the interiors and exterior. On the outside, the car gets a body kit including a front spoiler, rear spoiler and side skirts. All the additions get high gloss red finish. It also gets body coloured scoops on the hood.

It also gets a roof-mounted rear spoiler that adds to the overall sportiness of the vehicle. The red and white theme makes the Swift look quite interesting. The body gets an Abarth Punto inspired sticker job too.

Low rider

6 CLASSY modified Maruti Swift & Baleno hatchbacks from India

Lowered vehicles are not much popular in India due to the excruciating road conditions. Here is beautifully modified Swift that sticks to the ground. It gets Vogtland lowering springs with 17-inch rims wrapped in wide 205/40 tyres. The body kit adds customised front lip and side skirt from Suzuki.

It also gets aftermarket projector headlamps and tail lamps for better aesthetics. It is a petrol powered Swift that gets custom Valvetronic exhaust system with HKS endcan.


6 CLASSY modified Maruti Swift & Baleno hatchbacks from India

Here is a Swift that looks special with the custom job done on it. It gets a full body wrap and contrasting red colour. The roof including the A and B Pillars have been blacked out. It also gets white aftermarket rims from MOMO and blue brake callipers from Brembo. The headlamp has been blacked out and has been modified with LED DRL and projector lamp.

Chrome Killer

As the name suggests, this is a de-chromed Baleno that looks really classy. This is based on the Baleno Alpha petrol but gets RS badging on the rear. It also gets front grille from the RS and the chrome parts have been wrapped in matte red colour. The official body kit of the Baleno including the front lip, side skirt and rear lower bumper has been painted in matte black colour.

Even the original silver alloy wheels of the vehicle have been painted in matte black while the brake calliper and rear drum have been painted in red. The chrome door handle, the chrome beltline and the roof have been wrapped in matte too. Even the centre console gets a black wrap. It gets aftermarket red and black seat covers.


6 CLASSY modified Maruti Swift & Baleno hatchbacks from India

Here is another Baleno that gets rid of the chrome to look sporty. The car gets a custom body kit with a front bumper splitter, side skirt and rear bumper splitter. The chrome has been removed from the grille, door handles and the beltline. It gets aftermarket 17-inch alloy wheels with 215/45 profile tyres. Powered by a 1.2-litre petrol engine, the Baleno also gets a Simota full intake system.

Red hot

6 CLASSY modified Maruti Swift & Baleno hatchbacks from India

Here is a red paint finish Baleno that gets aftermarket body kit. It also gets blacked out grille and logos, roof and the wing mirrors. This car has also been lowered using Sustec NF210 springs and now rides on 17-inch Karwerkz rims. It is powered by a 1.2-litre petrol engine and gets Raj Hingorani free-flow exhaust system.

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