6 different types of KTMs for 6 kinds of people

KTM entered the Indian market in 2011. In a short span, the Austrian company has launched some phenomenal and affordable motorcycles in India. Currently, the company offers naked and fully-faired motorcycles in India. If you want a new KTM and are confused about choosing the right one, here is something that will help you making your decision. Here are six different kinds of KTM motorcycles for 6 kinds of personalities.

KTM 200 Duke

6 different types of KTMs for 6 kinds of people

Personality type: I want a KTM, but I am cash-strapped

Right Terrain: City roads

The smallest KTM available in India is also the cheapest. The 200 Duke looks handsome with the angular body design. The KTM 200 Duke has all the essence of being a KTM with the right amount of orange showered on it. The flared tank extensions, very edgy headlamp housing and sharp design of the motorcycle makes the motorcycle one of the best-looking one in the segment.

The motorcycle comes with 24.6 BHP of maximum power. That is more than enough power, but the lack of ABS in the bike makes the riders very nervous. This restricts the motorcycle to within the city limits. The KTM 200 Duke just weighs 128 kg that makes it very easy to manoeuvre in the densely populated roads. If you are going to be a city dweller and have limited cash, this one will fit your personality.

KTM RC 200

6 different types of KTMs for 6 kinds of people

Personality type: I want a cheap track bike

Right terrain: Smooth surfaces

Fully-faired motorcycles gain quick popularity in India. The full body fairing makes the bike look aggressive. The RC 200 is the cheapest of the RC series from KTM. The motorcycle receives some design inspirations from the flagship RC8. The RC 200 gets very aggressive riding position.

The riding position can become very painful for the riders if used for prolonged hours. The RC 200 is perfect motorcycle for the people who want to start track riding. The affordable price tag of the bike will ensure that the repair costs are not much. Also, the RC 200 is powered by the same engine that goes into the 200 Duke. If you are looking for a cheap track bike, this is it!

KTM 390 Duke

6 different types of KTMs for 6 kinds of people

Personality type: Want to achieve everything quickly, really quickly!

Right Terrain: Road, bit of off-roads

The all-new Duke 390 is loaded with features and comes packed with power too. The 390 Duke comes with 41 BHP of maximum power, which is very moderate for the city usage and can prove to be good fun on the highways too. The 390 Duke also comes with a high-end TFT screen that gets connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth and shows notifications and changes the music in phone.

The 390 Duke proves to be an all-rounder with mildly aggressive seating position on the bike. The motorcycle can be taken out on open highways during the weekend while being good for the daily commuting job. The KTM also puts 43mm Upside Down open cartridge suspensions from WP that allows it to swallow any number of bumps on the road. KTM also gives dual channel ABS with the  390 Duke making it safe to ride on slippery surfaces too. And of course, it will win any number of drag race from the traffic signals. The 390 Duke gets everything from ride-by-wire to slipper clutch, making it good for everything that you may want to do with a motorcycle.

KTM 250 Duke

6 different types of KTMs for 6 kinds of people

Personality type: I want a bike for daily commuting and occasional touring

Right Terrain: City lanes, bylanes, no lanes!

The KTM 250 Duke is an all-new motorcycle that enters the Indian market for the first time. The motorcycle has been launched to bridge the gap between KTM 200 Duke and the 390 Duke. The 250 Duke gets everything that comes with the 390 Duke but misses out on the TFT screen, LED headlamps and the engine.

The 249cc, single cylinder, liquid-cooled engine churns out a maximum of 29 BHP, which is good for occasional touring and daily city riding. If you are falling short on money to get the 390 Duke, this one will solve all your purpose!

KTM RC 390

6 different types of KTMs for 6 kinds of people

Personality type: I want a powerful track tool to sharpen my skills

Right Terrain: Smooth tarmac

The RC 390 gets the same engine specifications like the 390 Duke but misses out on the TFT screen. It also gets the body fairing, making it more wind-proof. With a maximum power output of 41 BHP, the RC 390 is powerful enough to serve as a track bike for people who want to graduate to bigger motorcycles later in life.

The RC 390 offers good platform to sharpen track skills. The motorcycle is built around trellis frame and gets adjustable suspensions. Also, the RC 390 comes with slipper clutch and ride-by-wire technology making gear shifts quicker and the engine much more smoother.

Go custom!

6 different types of KTMs for 6 kinds of people

Personality type: I want to follow dreams in my own way

Right terrain: Depends on the customisation.

There KTM motorcycles have been around for a long time now. The very skilled and creative modification houses in India have started showing their talent on the KTM motorcycles. If you are not happy with any of the above options, you can always go to customisation house to get a unique motorcycle.

6 different types of KTMs for 6 kinds of people

There are many examples of KTMs being modified into brilliant looking motorcycles. You can get it modified to look like the movie character, “Chappie”. Also, there are options to transform the motorcycle into an off-road machine or a scrambler!

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