6 GORGEOUSLY modified SUVs of India: Toyota Fortuner to Renault Duster

Most SUVs look quite intimidating on the road even in their stock form. However, there are people who modify their SUVs to make sure they look even more aggressive and unique. Here are 6 such modified SUVs in India that look great.

Ford Endeavour

The American SUV, Ford Endeavour, has a strong body design. Here is a visually modified Ford Endeavour that gives it a massive road presence. The SUV gets a new bonnet scoop that has been customised. It also gets a Pro-Fender monotube adjustable suspension that can be changed according to the road conditions. The stock grille has been replaced by the Ford Raptor inspired grille. The rims have been updated to new off-road spec 16-inch 10J rims that get 295/70/16 Cooper STT Pro Rubber.

Renault Duster

The Duster scripted the success of Renault in India. However, the compact SUV’s popularity is going down due to stiff competition. Here’s a Duster that looks quite different from the stock form and will attract a lot of eyes. The modifications include custom lowering springs that give it a very aggressive stance. The car now sits lower by 60 mm. It also gets new 18-inch wheels wrapped in 245/40/18 tyres. To give it a more masculine look, the modder has also added auxiliary lamps and LED light bar. There is also Code6Tuning performance remap and exhaust system.

Isuzu D-Max V-Cross

The Isuzu D-Max V-Cross has become the most successful lifestyle truck in India. The huge road presence of the pickup makes it the choice of many while its off-roading capabilities also attract a lot of enthusiasts. Here is a V-Cross that gets chrome delete, a 2-inch lift kit with 15-inch off-road spec rims. The 33X12.5X15 Cooper Discoverer Mud Terrain rubber also adds to the looks. The D-Max V-Cross also gets Stage 1 RedBandRacing Performance Remap and a snorkel air intake.

Toyota Fortuner

The Toyota Fortuner has been around for a long while in the Indian market now. While the new Fortuner looks very sleek, the previous generation of Fortuner was a pure brute. Here is a previous generation Fortuner that has been modified to look very intimidating on the road. It gets a 4-inch lift kit with 16-inch 9J off-road spec rims. The tyres are also mud terrain spec Cooper STT Pro. It also gets aftermarket projector head lamps and new LED tail lamps.

New Toyota Fortuner

The fastest selling car in its segment, the Toyota Fortuner has become a common sight on Indian roads. To make it look different, this Fortuner gets a TRD body kit that includes a new grille and underbody curtains. The vehicle also gets a Dynamics Dieseltronic Tuning Box that increases the performance. The new 17-inch Lenso wrapped rims wrapped in Bridgestone tyres give it an aggressive stance.

Mahindra Thar

The Thar is one of most modified cars in the Indian market. This SUV has been modified to give it a Wrangler inspired look. The car gets new Ironman off-road suspension with ARC Leaf Springs, a new custom hard top, off-road spec steel bumpers with integrated bullbar. The car also gets 15-inch 10.5J Steel Rims wrapped in 33-inch Mud Terrain Tyres. The fenders have also been customised to give it a raw look. The Thar looks quite good with the metallic blue paint job.

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