6 month-old Tata Harrier Dark Edition catches fire while driving [Video]

Tata Harrier XZ Plus Dark Edition on fire

When it comes to solid-built quality cars, the country’s third-largest carmaker, Tata Motors, stands at the top. However, despite this, no car or carmaker is perfect; they all have some problems or the other. Recently, Tata Motors has come under scrutiny for its new cars catching on fire, and it seems that fresh incidents are still taking place, posing a massive safety issue. Just a few days ago, another new Tata Harrier Dark Edition caught on fire, and the video of this SUV getting charred on the road has been shared online.

The video of this particular Tata Harrier Dark Edition catching on fire has been shared on YouTube by Nikhil Rana on their channel. In the video, the creator mentions that the video has been submitted to him by one of his viewers from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. He mentions that the owner of this Harrier has stated that his car randomly caught on fire while driving on the road.

Following this, the creator adds that the vehicle was an XZ Plus variant of the Harrier Dark Edition from the pre-facelift generation. He added that the vehicle was purchased earlier this year in March, and in August of this year, it caught on fire randomly while normal city driving. In the video, it can be noted that the right front side of the vehicle was the area of fire, and the headlight assembly along with the bumper was ablaze.

What caused this fire?

In the video, the creator mentions that at the moment, no exact reason for the fire of this Harrier has been stated. Neither the owner nor the company has made any claims of modifications on this vehicle. He added that as the owner mentioned, the Harrier was a Dark Edition model, and it was the XZ Plus variant, so there are very little to no chances of the owner altering anything on the electrical system of the vehicle.

6 month-old Tata Harrier Dark Edition catches fire while driving [Video]

The only other speculation that can be made at this moment without any investigation is that a rat could have cut up a wire or something on the front right side of the vehicle. However, without any proof, nothing can be said surely. It is believed that Tata Motors will be carrying out an official investigation into this very serious matter as this is not an isolated incident. In recent history, a lot of other Tata Motors cars have burned down on roads in different parts of the country.

Not the first Tata car burning

As mentioned above, this is not the first time that a Tata Motors car has burned in India. Just a few weeks ago, in September, a video of a parked Tata Safari from Ludhiana, Punjab, was shared online. In this particular incident, Tata Motors quickly took action and launched an investigation. Following the completion of the investigation by Tata Motors and its officials, the cause of the fire was reported.

Tata Motors revealed that the primary cause for this Safari’s burning was the presence of accumulated dry leaves and paper cups on the underbody engine guard, situated near the hot silencer assembly. The company, in its official statement, said, “As per the concluded investigation, the presence of accumulated dry leaves and paper cups on the underbody engine guard near the hot silencer assembly have been identified as the cause of the incident. The team is in touch with the customer to provide the best possible solution.” Also Read: Hyundai Alcazar vs Tata Harrier 2023: Comparing Their Variants Priced Rs 18-20 Lakh