6 Must Watch Videos For Beginner Car Drivers/Owners

Snapshot – If you’ve just learnt how to drive and have bought your first car or are about to buy one, the half a dozen videos we’ve lined up for you will make your life much simpler. These videos will teach you to park better, conduct important checks on your car and also help you get going when your car’s battery is dead. So, pay attention and yes, see you on the road.

6 Must Watch Videos For Beginner Car Drivers/Owners

How to check your car’s engine oil level

Checking engine oil every week is a very good practice. It can help you catch an engine problem in time. Often, this simple activity that takes less than a minute can mean the difference between getting away easily or having to struggle with expensive engine repairs. Here’s a video that shows you how to check your car’s engine oil level.

Moving on, engine oil isn’t the only fluid in your car. Checking coolant, brake, power steering, and wiper fluids are also a part of routine preventive maintenance that you can carry out in less than five minutes. Here’s a video that’ll help you figure out just this.

How to parallel park

Parallel parking separates the beginners from the experts. Don’t worry though, as parallel parking can be mastered very easily. If you pay close attention to the video below and practice parallel parking, you should be slotting it in like a pro in under a week.

How to park accurately in a parking bay

In our day to day lives, parking cars in parking bays is a regular affair. It can be a challenging activity to a beginner driver though. This video will teach you how to park accurately in a parking bay, so that you can drive off quickly when you’re back. This video will also teach you to maintain enough distance between your car and the other parked cars.

How to change a punctured tyre?

Statistically speaking, having a punctured tyre during the course of your car ownership experience is as certain as dying. But many beginners have no clue about changing a punctured tyre. It’s very easy and something that everyone needs to know, for you never know when these skills may come in handy.

Car battery dead? Here’s how you can jump start a car with jumper cables.

A dead car battery is another event that can be caused due to a variety of reasons. If you have a jumper cable and another car with a working battery closeby, you can get back home or to the battery shop safely. This video will show you how to jump start a car with jumper cables.