6 reasons that make the Tata Indica ev2 a good car for its features

The Tata Indica ev2 is popular car amongst taxi fleet operators with a claimed mileage of 25 kmpl on the diesel variant. Tata recently gave it features like USB and Aux-in port etc to make it lucrative to individual owners as well.

The petrol Indica ev2 is available in four variants in the price range of Rs.2.99 lakh to Rs. 3.62 lakh ex-showroom Delhi. It’s 1,193 cc engine makes 65 bhp of power and 100 Nm of torque, so it may not be very powerful but outright performance isn’t its forte. The Indica is meant to be a comfortable and spacious petrol small car that will reward you with its amazing mileage and 220 litre boot.

The diesel variant of the Indica is the more fuel-efficient one, with a 1396 cc diesel engine that puts out 70 bhp of power and 140 Nm of torque. It isn’t a peppy or refined car, but is extremely fuel-efficient.

Now the Indica as we have already mentioned is more of a practical car than a vehicle you would like to flaunt, but we found six reasons that make it a great car for its features.

6 reasons that make the Tata Indica ev2 a good car for its features
Photo: The Tata Indica ev2 tires hard to come out of the cab image that has become its curse


Sporty looks: Before you start complaining we should mention that the Indica isn’t a car known best for its design. What we’re talking about here is the slight tweaks Tata has made to make it sporty and attractive in comparison to the older Indica. The decals, the chrome slat on the grille, body coloured mirrors etc may not cater to your taste but are all a welcome addition to the regular Indica styling.

6 reasons that make the Tata Indica ev2 a good car for its features


Music system: The Indica ev2 offers a music system with USB and Aux-in compatibility which is a feature that is usually seen in premium small cars and sedans. This makes the ev2 a more attractive option for those who are looking for a gadget friendly budget car.

Clutch start: The clutch start system means that the only way you can start the car is if you press the clutch pedal first. This helps prevent accidental starts with the car in gear.

Tachometer: At its price point the Indica ev2 offers a tachometer which helps you get a better idea of when you need to shift gears, helping you improve mileage and prevents you from damaging the gearbox.

6 reasons that make the Tata Indica ev2 a good car for its features


Auto drive assist: This is a key feature in the diesel variant. It’s like the hill climb assist feature found on some premium SUVs only in a much simpler and toned down form. The auto drive assist system prevents the engine from stalling while the car is going up inclines, thereby giving the driver ample time to shift his or her foot from the clutch to the accelerator.

Sporty alloy wheels: Alloy wheels may not be considered a great feature and most people like to get after market alloys on their vehicles but the fact that the company is providing sporty looking alloys wheels on a car in this segment is something buyers would appreciate.