6 super hits of 2016, and their biggest flaws

2016 has been a slow year in the auto industry. In the beginning, we had the diesel ban which hurt the sentiments of quite a few manufacturers and made them delay launches and come up with alternatives. However, there have been a few cars that have been launched and have been very well received by the public. Here are 6 such cars and their biggest flaws.

Toyota Innova Crysta

6 super hits of 2016, and their biggest flaws

Priced on the higher side and too many niggles being faced

The Crysta has been a sales chart topped ever since it was introduced. It is going places where no other MPV has gone. Though it is selling really well, there is one thing that we cannot ignore, and this is how pricey the Innova is. Yes, the Crysta is the most luxurious vehicle, but it has lost out on the VFM tag. The GX variant which costs close to Rs 20 lakhs on road (2.8 liter, automatic) doesn’t even get a stereo system.

Come on, a Rs 20 lakh car which doesn’t have a stereo system is something that is really tough to digest. Having gone through ownership reports as well, people are facing issues with the alloy wheels and the brake discs on the car. Though these maybe small niggles, they aren’t expected from a brand like Toyota which has always been on top when it comes to customer ratings.

Maruti Vitara Brezza

Lack of engine and transmission options

6 super hits of 2016, and their biggest flaws

While this may seem strange, Maruti has only introduced the Brezza in diesel guise. The engine in question is the famous 1.3 liter unit making 90 Bhp and 200 Nm. While people who buy SUVs mainly prefer diesel, the sentiment is changing fast, with the additional pollution and the NGT laws that coming into play, people who aren’t running much are looking for petrols now.

Sadly, the Brezza doesn’t get one just yet. Also, the Brezza lacks the option of an automatic gearbox as well, something that all its competition gets, be it the TUV, Ecosport (petrol only though) or the Nuvosport. Though Maruti is planning a petrol version soon, there is no clarity on when exactly the vehicle will come.

Ford Mustang

Interior quality and slow autobox

6 super hits of 2016, and their biggest flaws

Yes, it was finally time for muscle car fans in India to rejoice because Ford brought in the Mustang after years of making us wait. Though it was priced at Rs 65 lakhs ex showroom, it still managed to be the cheapest V8 in the country. While the Mustang has a lot going for it, mainly the design and the fact that it has heritage, it is on the expensive side here.

For the price tag, the interior quality doesn’t match up, given the other vehicles in the similar price point. Also, Ford has introduced only the 6-speed automatic gearbox in the Mustang, there is no manual sadly. This gearbox is slow and unlike the international spec vehicle, they have also removed the option of Launch control on the Indian version.

Skoda Superb

Interiors, a copy of the Octavia

6 super hits of 2016, and their biggest flaws

Now don’t get me wrong here. The interiors on the Superb are really good when it comes to the quality and fit and finish. However it disappoints in the fact that it is exactly the same as that on the cheaper Octavia (the ambient lighting being the only addition). Being the flagship model for the brand in India, Skoda could have done something to make the vehicle feel a little more special over the Octavia, given what a well rounded car the Octavia is.

Toyota Fortuner

Waiting period, already

6 super hits of 2016, and their biggest flaws

It has been only 2 weeks since Toyota launched the Fortuner in the country and it has already garnered a waiting period of over 2 months. The SUV has been a highly anticipated one with loyalists and fans having waited for the new one. Yes, the Fortuner is pricier compared to the Endeavour and doesn’t have as many features as it has either, but there is still massive crazy for the vehicle, and this waiting period is just going to rise with time.

Hyundai Elantra

Driving dynamics and not so fun to drive

6 super hits of 2016, and their biggest flaws

Hyundai has comeback with a bang in the luxury car segment with the launch of the all new Elantra. When launched, it happened to even undercut the pricing of the Corolla. Being a Hyundai, it is pretty well loaded, the top of the line variants albeit. The main downside to the Elantra is the fact that it isn’t very fun to drive. Yes, the 2.0 liter petrol engine makes 152 Bhp, but it still doesn’t really feel nice to drive.

If you are the sort who wants to buy it for comfort and if driving dynamics doesn’t top the list of requirements, the Elantra is a great buy. Yes, Hyundai has provided a sports button that makes the steering noticeably heavier, but it is still nowhere close to the German counterparts. Also, the 1.6 liter diesel isn’t