6 types of Renault Dusters for 6 kinds of people

The Duster painted the success story for Renault in India. The car became the first choice of many people who wanted to own a compact SUV. There are many variants of Duster that cater to different needs of the market. We bring you a bunch of Dusters for various kinds kinds of people.

Occasional drivers

What is unique? Affordable for those who drive less than 1,000 Kms per month.

Renault Duster

If you want a rugged SUV but do not like the noisy diesel engine, Renault gives you an option of petrol powered Duster. The 1.6 K4M in-line 4-cylinder engine with 1,598cc of displacement powers the petrol Duster. The engine produces a maximum of 102.6 Bhp of maximum power and 148 Nm of maximum torque. The car is perfect for people who use a car within the city limits but want a spacious car with good road presence. The car is also the cheapest compact SUV in its segment. It is only available in standard variant. The closest competitor is the Creta which costs at least Rs. 1 lakh more than the Duster.

Diesel on a budget

What is unique? Affordably priced diesel variant

Renault Duster 4
The Renault Duster diesel variant starts at Rs. 9.5 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) making it the cheapest compact diesel SUV in the segment. It is half a lakh cheaper than the Creta. The diesel powered Renault Duster is powered by 1.5-litre dCi engine that produces 83.8 Bhp of maximum power and 200 Nm of maximum torque. The 2WD manual transmission car is perfect for the people who look to go to nearby destinations on the weekend or have a long daily commute in the city.

Off roaders

What is unique? Only AWD car in the compact SUV segment.

Renault Duster_2
The Duster comes with an option of AWD. The transmission can send power to all the four wheels below the speed of 60 km/h, which can be very helpful during tricky situations. The AWD can be engaged automatically or can be locked full-time where the car does not go above 60 km/h. The AWD proves to be very helpful during light off-roading situations and covering that extra mile to explore new destinations. The car also comes with independent suspensions in the rear that provides better stability, comfort and traction on rough roads.

Diesel Automatic

What is unique? Fuel efficient diesel automatic

Renault Duster1
Driving without the need of shifting gears is something every city driver always wishes for. The Duster comes with an option of AMT in two trim levels – RxL and RxZ. The AMT gearbox also allows the driver to take over the transmission when the need arises. This is perfect for people who mostly use the car in city traffic but do go out for weekend road trips once in a blue moon as AMT equipped cars are cheaper than conventional automatic cars.

Best Active Safety Net

What is unique? Segment leading safety features

Renault Duster 6
The Duster comes loaded with ABS and EBD with Brake Assist in all diesel variants. The AMT and AWD versions also feature Electronic Stability Program and Hill Assist for peace of mind while driving on steep mountains. There is no other car in the segment that offers so many types safety equipment.


What is unique? Fast highway cruiser
Renault Duster 3
The Duster is also offered with more powerful 108.5 Bhp tuned diesel engine. The powerful engine option is available with RxL, RxS and RxZ trims. The more powerful Duster is perfect for the car enthusiasts who often go on open highways.