6 useful tips for car battery maintenance

In our busy schedules we often tend to be careless about the maintenance of critical components of our cars. One of the most commonly ignored yet irreplaceably essential parts of our cars is the battery. Now, if you’re one of those who does not like being stuck in the middle of nowhere because of battery problems, read on.

It can be infuriating to find that your car stalled because your battery got discharged or isn’t charging at all for some reason. Here are some quick tips that can help keep your battery functional and also make it last longer.

Keep terminals clean

car battery maintenance tips

The terminals of our average car batteries are prone to rusting and corrosion. This is primarily because of the acid inside the battery. To prevent your car battery terminals from corroding, all you need to do is to wipe the dirt of them every few weeks. Further you should coat the terminals with grease or conductive jelly which allows electricity to flow without any resistance.

Check battery water

Another thing we often forget to take time out for is topping up the battery cells with distilled water. It isn’t something that takes much time but can help elongate the batteries life substantially. Another thing one should keep in mind is that normal water is not the same as distilled water and in a bid to save a few bucks you might end up having to replace the battery all together.

Disconnect if car is to be parked for long

This is one thing that will not only help your battery last longer but will also be an added safety precaution. Whenever the car is left parked for long, it is suggested that you disconnect the wires from both terminals. This will prevent the battery from getting discharged and will save you from the hassle of getting it recharged or having to push the car to a start.

Check acid

Every two to three months, get the specific gravity of the car’s battery checked. This too will spare you the horror of having to suffer when it’s already too late.

Stay away from after-market headlamps

After-market headlamps like halogen and xenon headlamps tend to drain the battery faster and are best avoided. However if you are keen on getting one of these lights ensure that you get a proper relay installed as well to ensure that no un due pressure is put on the car’s battery.

Never drive if warning light is on

At times you need to listen to the car. To be more specific, see what information it’s throwing your way. Never continue to drive the car if the battery warning lamp is on, it simply means that your battery is not fit and needs to be checked or replaced.

If the above tips are kept in mind and the car is serviced at regular intervals, you can get the best out of your car.

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