6 valet parking disasters & 6 MEGA mistakes people make!

Nowadays, handing over your car to a valet for parking is very common. And incidents of cars being damaged, or even stolen while valet parked are also on the rise. Here are some valet parking disasters, and big mistakes people make while handing over their precious cars to valets.

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

A couple of years ago, a valet from Le Meridien hotel wrecked a rare Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. The whole incident was captured on CCTV, and it showed how the valet lost control of the super car.

The car first hit another car waiting at the porch before going on to hit the wall, and finally coming to a halt. The incident is a classic example of why handing over a super powerful car to a valet is rather unsafe.

Mercedes-Benz ML 350


JW Marriott is a big name in the 5-star hotel circuit, and you don’t expect it to be secure. But then there are exceptional situations. This incident was reported from the JW Marriott in Pune from where the  Mercedes Benz ML350 CDI luxury SUV was stolen after it was valet parked.

The SUV was handed over to the staff in exchange of the token but when the owners returned after having dinner, the car vanished from the parking lot. The CCTV footage revealed that the car was taken away an unidentified man who was later nabbed by the cops.

The stolen Audi Q7


The flagship SUV from Audi costs a lot of money and hence, attracts a lot of thieves too. This bizarre incident was reported from the Holiday Inn hotel in Delhi. The businessman along with his family went for dinner and handed the key to usual valet staff.

When the family returned after two hours, the car has vanished from the spot. The CCTV footage revealed an outsider walking up to the valet counter, picking up the keys casually, and later driving off the vehicle without any resistance as such.

A wrecked Audi Q7

An eye surgeon from Mauritius was on an India visit when he decided to go out on a family dinner to the Leela hotel in Gurugram. The owner of the returned to collect the car which was parked on the porch itself. Mr Munjal discovered that his car has suffered major damage on the rear of the vehicle.

When he confronted the hotel staff, they promised to investigate and pay the damages but later denied the same. The hotel did show the CCTV footage, and also said that the car did not suffer the damages inside the hotel compound.

Stolen Tata Safari

A Juhu-based star hotel lost track of a Tata Safari. The parked vehicle was stolen from the hotel premises without the notice of the hotel staff. The complainant said that the car was stolen because of negligent parking and later was awarded Rs. 7.5 lakh by the court in lieu of the stolen vehicle.

Luxury cars as drug transporters


This MBA pursuing youth from Delhi targeted luxury car owners checking-in at reputed hotels and picking up the keys from the valet counter. The youth stole high-end vehicles to transport narcotics. The youth said high-end vehicles attracted less attention from the cops while the youth transported the drugs.

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