6-Year-Old Boy Goes To Police Station To Complain About Traffic [Video]

We all know how frustrating it can be too stuck in traffic. For some kids, it can be even more difficult because of how active they are. Here, is a kid who went to the police station to complain about the traffic issue that he faces while going to his school.

The video has been shared on Twitter by SriLakshmi Muttevi. In the video, we can see a couple of cops and the kid himself. He is dictating the traffic issue that he faces. The video is recorded in the Chittoor area. The name of the kid is Kartik, he is just 6 years old and he is a student of Adarsha School.

6-Year-Old Boy Goes To Police Station To Complain About Traffic [Video]

The name of the cop in the video is N. Bhaskar and he is the inspector of the Palamaneru circle. Apparently, there is traffic near Kartik’s school because of the construction work that has been going on. The area has been dug up and there are tractors that are blocking the way to the kid’s school. Kartik is not the only one who is facing issues because of this.

According to Newsmeter, the inspector was also surprised by the way Kartik talked and they had a conversation with him. N. Bhaskar assured Kartik that he will look into the issue and he would clear the traffic. He also gave his contact number to Kartik and told him that he can call him if he faces any issues.

CI Bhaskar also talked to Newsmeter. He said, “There was a drainage block in the school premises. So, to avoid traffic, we had to set up barricades. That was one of the traffic issues. We were surprised by the way he spoke to us, like a six-year-old coming to the police station with his father and lodging the complaint. We assured him that we would solve the problem. ”

Dedicated Bus lanes in Delhi to avoid traffic

6-Year-Old Boy Goes To Police Station To Complain About Traffic [Video]

In New Delhi, a lane has been dedicated to buses and goods carriers. This would be the left-most lane of the road. This would help in clearing the traffic on the lanes that are towards the right. The new rule will ensure that the slow-moving vehicles stay in their own lane and do not disturb the fast-moving traffic.

From April 1st, if a person is found driving in the bus lane, then he could be charged a fine of as high as Rs. 10,000 or imprisonment of 6 months. As of now, 15 roads have been selected on which this rule will be applicable.

The bus lane would get an identification mark and there would be signs also. The dedicated lane would be used only by buses and goods carriers from 8 AM to 10 PM. If a car is found parked or unattended in the bus lane then it would be towed. The owner would have to pay the fine and also the towing charges. Cops would also be impounding the vehicle and taking a photo/video as evidence.