600 km review of TVS Apache RR310: Better than KTM RC390? [Video]

One of the most anticipated motorcycles in recent times has to be the TVS Apache RR310.  It not only boasts of modern tech, thanks to parts sharing with the BMW G 310 R, but the RR310 also looks substantial and offers that extra bang for your buck. True, the recent price hike and never-ending waiting period have put a large question mark in the minds of prospective buyers but you simply cannot ignore the most powerful Apache ever. We spent a week with it and after riding it for over 600 km, here is our verdict on the bike in video form.

The TVS Apache RR310 was launched in December last year and comes with a 312-cc engine motor that is good for 34 horses and 27 Nm of torque. It is mated to a 6-speed gearbox with slick shifts, something we are a fan of. The motor has enough grunt for city usage and given the stick, performs very well. Open roads will see it registering a top whack of almost 165 km/h and it sprints from standstill to 100 in less than 7 seconds. Vibrations at high engine revs however remains a big shortcoming and this is something that should be corrected in the time to come.

The RR310 also comes across as a feature-loaded motorcycle with the bi-LED projector lamps, USD forks, petal discs with ABS, a comprehensive speedometer console, a Trellis frame and a reverse incline engine. And while it looks sporty, the riding posture is a lot more comfortable than you would think. This will be a boon for those who are looking at using the RR310 as a daily commute companion, something that the KTM RC twins cannot match up to. I did use the bike for long two-hour stints and did not have issues in terms of pain in the wrists or a back-ache.

600 km review of TVS Apache RR310: Better than KTM RC390? [Video]

So if you are planning to buy one and wanted all the answers to your questions, scroll up and hit the play button of the video. The RR310 might not be a perfect motorcycle, but it ticks a lot of boxes in the right way and that is what makes it appealing.