650 Kms in a single day in the Tata Nexon EV: Vlogger explains how he did it

Electric cars and going to be the future of mobility but, one of the major issue that many EV owners currently face is lack of charging stations. Things are definitely improving but, it still has a long to go before we can call it sufficient. Tata Nexon is currently India’s most popular electric SUV and is also the most affordable in the segment. We have seen several people doing road trips on their electric SUVs and here we have another video where a vlogger shows how he did a 650 kms road trip in a Nexon EV in a single day.

The video has been uploaded by iGuru Crazy on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger is starting for a rod trip from Hyderabad to Vijayawada. From his place, vlogger mentions that the distance is approximately 350 kms. He starts his journey with 100 percent charge in the battery and his aim was to cover half the distance before plugging the car for charge.

He was driving the Nexon EV like a regular car with AC turned on and phone connected to the touchscreen system in the car. He admits that he is driving the car between in 60-70 kmph as he wanted to reach the charging station halfway through the trip. After covering over 157 kms he reaches the charging point where he had planned to stop. From his home, he used 53 percent of battery charge to reach the charging point.

It was a fast charger and he plugged the car went out for refreshments. He was monitoring the charge in the car while at the cafeteria and once the car charge touched 95 percent, he unplugged and resumed his journey. This time around, he was driving it at higher speeds like 80-85 kmph and that was reflecting in the range as well. The vlogger reached his destination in Vijayawad which was an MG dealership where the EV charging points are installed. He even found out a puncture on his front tyre before reaching Vijayawada.

He took almost 6 hours to cover 350 kms which he mentions is the longest time, he has taken to cover this stretch. He finished his work in Vijayawada and then started driving back to Hyderabad the same day. He had already plugged the vehicle at the fast charger and started driving back with 100 percent charge.

His plan was to stop at the same spot where he stopped initially while driving to Vijayawada and charge the car once again before driving to Hyderabad. Unfortunately, by time he reached the spot, the EV charger was not working due to technical glitch and vlogger started becoming anxious about the driving range. His car was showing a driving range of 50 kms and his home was around 150 kms. He started looking for alternate options but, then suddenly after travelling for 8 kms he found that the charger that was not working before had started working again. he took a turn came back and charged the vehicle till 91 percent and started his journey again.

650 Kms in a single day in the Tata Nexon EV: Vlogger explains how he did it

By the time he reached back home, he was left with 10 percent charge as he was driving it quite fast. He mentions that this was a fun road trip that almost got ruined because of the charging point. He can be heard saying in the video that charging stations are currently not reliable and he hopes that things would improve in future.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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