676 driving licenses suspended for traffic rule violations in just 14 days

Traffic violations are a common sight on our roads. Indore Regional Transport Office along with the help of Traffic police had started a 14 day special drive in the city. The special drive was conducted to nab vehicle users who were violating rules. The drive started earlier this month from September 7 to September 20. The drive was conducted after the authorities received special directions from transport commissioner Mukesh Jain. During this 14 day special drive, RTO suspended driving licence of 676 drivers for violating traffic rules. The authorities collected revenue of over 6.94 lakh which includes Rs 3.69 lakh as fine from violators.

676 driving licenses suspended for traffic rule violations in just 14 days

As per the report submitted by RTO to transport department, 377 licences out of 676 were suspended after they were found driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. This includes 238 two-wheeler riders and 139 car drivers. According to regional transport officer Jitendra Raghuvanshi, “The highest number of people who violated the rules was those driving after drinking liquor, which was dangerous for them, as well as for others. Surprisingly, the number of two-wheeler riders caught for the same offence was more than the number of four-wheeler drivers.”

The report also mentions that there were as many as 233 people who jumped traffic signals when it was Red. Regional Transport Office had to suspend the licence of these offenders after they were found violating the same rule multiple times. The authorities also suspended the driving licence of 66 violators who were talking on the phone while riding a two-wheeler or a four wheeler.

Other than suspending the driving licence of the offenders, the traffic police also fined over 249 violators for not wearing a helmet while riding a two-wheeler or not wearing a seat belt while driving a car. The department collected over Rs 3.69 lakh as fines in the last 14 days. The department also collected Rs 3.24 lakh as tax from the vehicle.

Sapna Jain, deputy transport commissioner, Indore said, “It’s important to follow traffic rules for saving lives. A large number of people lose their lives due to road accidents. We’re constantly taking action against violators and will take strict action against habitual violators.”

This is not the first time something like this has happened in India. Traffic Police of various states keep on doing such drives to keep a check on traffic violations. In Kerala MVD keeps an eye on modified vehicles along with other traffic violations. Earlier this month, Gujarat Police had registered over 2,531 cases against vehicles who were using dark films on windows and windshield. The police had collected over Rs 12.65 lakh as fine from offenders.

Most of the challans can be now paid online and that has made things easier for the cops as well. They simply click a picture of the vehicle and send challan to their address or registered number. Pune Police has now noticed that there are as many 1.16 lakh vehicle owners who have not paid challans. The traffic police department has sent notice to these violators across the city police limits. The notice directs the violators to pay the pending amount of their challans or fines at the nearest traffic police station. The notice also asks the violators to be present at Lok Adalat, if they fail to pay the amount.

Source: The Free Press Journal

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