68 vehicles seized for violating COVID-19 Night Curfew

You must know that in various states night curfew has been implemented by the government because of increasing coronavirus cases. In Karnataka’s coastal city of Mangaluru, 68 vehicles have been seized for violating the night curfew. There were 64 two-wheelers that were seized by the police.

In the video, we can hear a senior cop ordering junior cops to start seizing vehicles one by one. 42 checkpoints were set up by the police throughout the city. Motorists were stopped at these checkpoints and were asked to show proper documents. Only after showing valid documents, some people were allowed to travel post 10 PM.

Due to this, some people were angry as they were not allowed to move past 10 PM. People said that the police was not allowing them to go back home. Then there were night shift workers who expressed anger because they were stopped despite showing their ID-Cards.

68 vehicles seized for violating COVID-19 Night Curfew

Former Minister B Ramanath Rai criticized police for blocking the vehicles by using barricades at Padil on the outskirts of Mangaluru. When he noticed the traffic jam on the road, he came out of his car and urged the police officials to remove the barricades so that the traffic can move freely.

The state president of DYFI, Muneer Katipalla also condemned police for causing trouble to the shopkeepers who were returning to their home after shutting down their shops.

He said, “Curfew is not applied to places where thousands gather for festivals. Those shopkeepers who were returning home after closing their shops, were stopped on the road,”

N Shashi Kumar commented that some inconvenience will be experienced by the residents on the first day. He added, “I have seen a few instances, where the public have also been also been behaving objectionably,”

Dakshina Kannada district requested 60 home guards from the state government. The role of these home guards was to play the role of marshals in the Mangaluru and enforce the COVID-19 regulations. So, the home guards will be helping police to ensure that the people of Mangaluru wear masks, prevent unnecessary travels and maintain social distancing.

Police implemented the night curfew to control the spread of the second wave of COVID-19 that our country is facing. All vehicles after 10 PM were checked and the motorists were asked for the reason to travel so that unnecessary travel could be reduced during curfew hours i.e. 10 PM to 5 AM.

Many people were first warned and sent back. The hotels and shops closed early to follow the new protocols of the night curfew. A large number of checkpoints were placed throughout the city to ensure that people do not get out at night.

A similar condition was seen in Bengaluru also. People tried to return to their homes early, but faced problems because of lack of public transport. This happened because public transport was on strike that day. The last shows were timed at 6:30 PM in many malls. The roads were barricaded by the police and almost all the flyovers were also blocked. Some roads were barricaded in such a way that only one-way transport was allowed and that too only for emergency use.