Volkswagen Vento has been one of a stead seller in the midsize sedan segment. So far, this year, the Vento has sold almost as many units as the Honda City, with only the Hyundai Verna selling significantly more. So what are the features and gadgets that make Vento such a good buy?

The Vento is a well built car that was developed based on the Polo hatchback. The Vento comes with a host of interesting gadgets and features that make it a driver-friendly car too. Here we take a look at the top trim Vento Highline variant.
volkswagen vento features dashboard

Dashboard: The Vento has a simple yet elegant dashboard. The premium plastic quality and sturdiness makes you feel it will last forever. The grey-beige dual tone interior gives an airy feel inside the cabin. The light- colored seat fabrics enhance the Vento’s aesthetics. Chromes on the steering wheel and gear knobs are subtle, yet enriching.
volkswagen vento features dashboard

Steering Wheel: The Vento’s three spoke steering wheel is great to hold and very comfortable to turn, thanks to its chunky design. The steering wheel is adjustable for both reach and rake. Hence, finding the perfect driving position is quite easy in Vento. It would have been great if Vento had audio mounted controls on the steering wheel.

volkswagen vento interior space

Spacious Interiors: The front seats are very supportive with good under thigh and lumbar support. The driver seat has height adjust which makes it easy to find a comfortable driving position for people of different heights and sizes. Both the front and rear seats have a central armrest. The front seat arm rest even has a small storage space in it!

volkswagen vento safety features

Safety: The Vento has dual airbags, 3-point seatbelts and ABS for safety. The ultra high-strength steel frame and its tough-built structure reassure its safety. Anti-pinch protection in all four windows is another safety technology that Vento is equipped with. The Anti-pinch technology protects you in case your arm is resting along the seam.

volkswagen vento music system

In Car Entertainment: The music system on the Vento can play CDs, MP3 and WMA files. However, the music system doesn’t get AUX/USB ports. The automatic climate control system is placed below the music system and is a little intruding.

volkswagen vento smart features

Smart features: The Vento has three cup holders; two below the automatic climate control system and one below the rear AC vent. The outside mirrors are electronically adjustable via a knob located on the driver-side door. The front seats can be adjusted by the rear occupants via a convenient lever. The Vento has sophisticated anti-theft alarm features interior surveillance, which along with the electronic immobilizer, protects the Vento from theft.

volkswagen vento boot photo

Boot space: The Vento has 480 litres of boot space. The boot is deep and can easily swallow your luggage. But the wheel wells intrude into the luggage area. The rear seats are fixed and will not allow you to extend the boot space occasionally.

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  2. Whoao no usb in the music system?? Thats not fair.The overall features are good and decent buy from VW

  3. hyndai, fiat, honda, skoda, none can beat volkswagen… one of the awesome car feel lik drivin in AUDI.

  4. Power Pickup Bracking can not Match Honda City Never In Petrol Version and Same can not match with Diesel Verna. And if you think of Build Quality just check out Linea.

  5. I think Honda City iVTEC is still the leader in this segment, and if someone wants Diesel than Verna Diesel is the best……
    Vento is completly out of the competition………..
    and cheapest thing is that It has the worst music system in itz segment……..

  6. Vento is very nyc… Kd just bought vento last week… Ya music system is very bad… But that can be changed…. But overall car is very nice…

  7. Everyone has their own way of thinking………
    I js wana say that in Vento Engine is outstanding but when it comes to service centre and after sales costing and spare parts than Vento buyers will always face the problem………..
    and Vento Diesel also makes much noise when speed crosses to 80 km/h………
    Clearly Vento Petrol is wastage of money……..
    Again I wana say in Petrol City is the Le

  8. and when it comes to mileage, City inspite of having 118ps power gives genuine mileage 15kmpl, and verna diesel comes as rocket with 126ps power which gives a minimum of 22kmpl……

  9. Stats = 250 NM of torque at 1,500 – 2,500 rpm. Move over Hyundai Verna (235 Nm @ 1,900 – 2,750 rpm), the Vento TDI is the new torque king of the C segment. Not only does the diesel Vento make the most torque of all C segment sedans, it also equals its bigger brother, the Jetta (and its 2.0 L diesel). Get this, the Vento’s torque / weight ratio is superior to the Jetta as well as the Skoda Laur

  10. For Verna 1.6 Diesel: What you’ll like:

    • A great looking Hyundai sedan
    • Well-packaged; sufficient room front & back
    • Competent 1.6L powerplants, especially torquey diesel. Wide range of engines & transmissions on offer
    • Ride quality & behaviour in the city
    • Several segment-first features (reversing camera, keyless entry & go, electric folding mirrors and more)
    • Top notch safet

  11. For Vento: What you’ll like:

    • A well-built, robust, European sedan
    • Clean and contemporary styling. Boot is superbly integrated
    • Competitive pricing, especially for a German car
    • Stunning diesel engine. New torque king of the C segment
    • Mature suspension setup. Balanced ride & handling
    • Segment firsts : Reach adjust steering, gear recommender, adjustable driver armrest etc.

  12. And end of the day, I want better torque engine with great drive…Verna have 127 bhp but not fun to drive……torque/weight ratio is ultimate in vento…dont know who told you about sound above 80 Km/hr…Its VW buddy…. Germans knows car better than anybody

  13. A car with a lot of features doesnt make a better car. For a car to be good, first of all it needs a good heart(engine) and great body(chassis). Verna fails on the latter part. It has an awful handling and makes a pain to drive at highspeed. Vento and honda city beats verna in this dept. Still Optra Magnum Diesel rule the roost with best of everything. Test drive one and you will be blown away by

  14. Dude handling is not at all about straight line speeding. Try driving a verna on a twisty circuit and u will be more than disappointed. I drove city, linea(TJET+), vento optra at 175 KMPH on mumbai pune expressway without any drama. I am scared to attain the same speed on a verna. Moreover is verna is claustrophobic makes not much use of the incredible engine. The way the power is sent to front wh

  15. The 7 Reason Why this Car….is Successful….are As Follows…

    1.It’s German…No Wonder He is The Hitler Of the Road…
    2.It’s Obviously European…Fed Of Japanese and American Tec.
    3.It Good With Pocket…
    4.It’s Performance Get’s Him The Real non-objective Clap..
    5.It’s interior is not To Flashy or Dull…
    6.It’s European No Doubt it’s Full of things That Is not Indian of, course…sorry for

  16. dude check my photo gallry
    i got it 2 months bck…vento diesel highline…..belive me its an awsum ride

  17. chill bro… its fine as long as u r happy with ur car. Still take a TD of the optra magnum if u get a chance or if u r in Pune, drive my car.

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