7 kids on scooter; Man charged with Attempt to Commit Culpable Homicide

A video of me riding a scooter with seven kids on it has been circulating on the internet. The Mumbai police have now taken action against the scooter rider. He has been charged with attempted culpable homicide. Lately, we have been witnessing a trend among people, especially two-wheeler riders, where they perform stunts on public roads. In most cases, these stunts are done for videos that are posted on social media to gain fame. Cops often take action against such offenders, and this case is no different. The rider was traced and slapped with multiple charges for this irresponsible behavior.

The video that went viral on the internet was shared by a Twitter user named Sohail Qureshi. The video was recorded in Mumbai Central. The Twitter user wrote, “This irresponsible maniac is riding with seven children on a scooter. He should be immediately arrested for risking the lives of seven young children. Even the parents of these kids should be prosecuted.” The user tagged the Mumbai police, CM office, and other authorities in this post.

In this short video, it is clear that the rider was riding a Honda Activa scooter through the busy roads of Mumbai. On the scooter, there were seven children sitting and standing. The person riding the scooter is seated while two children stand in front of him. Behind him, there are four children sitting on the seat. The seventh child is actually standing on the metal body protector guard, which is installed on scooters as an accessory.

We can also see that these children are holding school bags in their hands. We are not sure what made the guy transport children in this manner. Whatever the reason may be, it is extremely dangerous and stupid. Moreover, none of them were wearing helmets, including the person riding the scooter. Unlike other stunt videos that we have seen on the internet in the past, this does not appear to be a case where the rider was riding a scooter like this for viral content (although it did become viral). The child who is standing at the end is actually holding onto the rider to ensure that he does not fall.

The metal guard on which the child is standing is not meant for standing. It can break when too much pressure is put on it. With so many children sitting and standing on the scooter, it is very easy to lose control and fall onto the road. Since none of them are wearing helmets, it is quite easy to sustain injuries. After the Mumbai police came across the video, they traced the rider’s details and took action against him. The cops registered a case against the rider for this serious offense under Section 308 IPC for an attempt to commit culpable homicide not amounting to murder. By performing this serious stunt on public roads, the rider was not only risking his life but also the lives of the children and other road users. If the scooter were to be involved in an accident, the children and the rider would have ended up with serious injuries. Two-wheelers are meant for two-people, not too many.