7 Seat Maruti WagonR Mini MPV unveil and launch details revealed

The 7 seat Maruti Suzuki WagonR, which is essentially a longer body version of the ultra popular hatchback, is likely to be showcased at the 2016 Indian Auto Expo. A launch could follow later this year. The 7 seat WagonR will take on the Datsun Go+, a stationwagon version of the Go hatchback, which hasn’t been very successful in India.

7 Seat Maruti WagonR Mini MPV unveil and launch details revealed

Will the 7 seat WagonR prove to be the first big success in this category, which hasn’t seen a single vehicle making it big? Well, that’s something that only time can tell. Meanwhile, a showcase of this car at the Auto Expo is expected to whet appetites of prospective buyers.

The car will measure under 4 meters in length, to take advantage of the lower excise duty applicable on such cars. This also means that the 7 seat version of the WagonR needs to have a petrol engine measuring under 1.2 liters and a diesel engine measuring 1.5 liters in capacity.

That said, it remains to be seen if Maruti introduces a diesel engine option on this car, given the definite tilt towards petrol powered cars in the budget car segments. CNG and LPG options are highly likely as these fuels pollute lesser than both petrol and diesel, and also are very cost effective.

Codenamed the YJC, the 7 seat WagonR has already been imported into India for research and development. The cars imported featured 1.2 liter petrol and 1.3 liter turbo diesel engines. It remains to be seen if the same engines are offered on the production versions. The 7 seat hatchback could do with more torque given its additional carrying capacity.

Via AutosArena