7 super affordable AMT cars of India priced under Rs. 5 lakhs: Renault Kwid to Tata Tiago

If we look back at the Indian automotive market till a few years ago, we will notice the lack of automatic options in the affordable segment. At present, the market is filled with automatic vehicles that are becoming quite popular thanks to the Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) that brought down the prices of automatic cars, and made them accessible to mass segment buyers. Here are 7 super affordable AMT automatic cars in India that are priced under Rs 5 lakh.

Maruti Celerio

Price: Rs. 4.96 lakhs, ex-showroom, Delhi

Maruti Celerio was the first car in the affordable segment to introduce the AMT automatic transmission in India. The Celerio remains one of the favourite cars in the segment and offers a lot of space. The car is powered only by a petrol engine, after the diesel option was discontinued by the company. It gets a 1.0-litre K10 petrol engine that generates a maximum of 67 Bhp – 90 Nm. It gets a 5-speed AMT transmission.

Tata Nano GenX

Price: Rs. 3.01 lakhs, ex-showroom, Delhi

The Tata Nano is the most affordable vehicle that you can buy in India. The AMT version of the vehicle is also the cheapest automatic available in the country. The Nano never gained popularity in India and remains one of the most underrated vehicles in the market. The Nano is powered by a 624-cc, twin-cylinder engine that churns out a maximum of 37 Bhp and 51 Nm. The rear-wheel mounted, rear-wheel driven Nano can be quite fun to drive. It gets a 5-speed automatic transmission with sports mode that holds on the gears till higher revs.

Maruti WagonR

Price: Rs. 4.91 lakhs, ex-showroom, Delhi

The Maruti WagonR has been around for a long while now and it remains one of the top-selling cars in the market. The tall-boy design gives it an extremely spacious interior that makes it quite popular among Indian families. The WagonR AMT is powered by the same 1.0-litre K10 engine that churns out a maximum of 67 Bhp and 90 Nm. It gets a 5-speed AMT transmission.

Maruti Alto K10

Price: Rs. 4.18 lakhs, ex-showroom, Delhi

The Alto K10 is the most affordable automatic option from the Maruti brand in India. The best-selling hatchback of the country is quite popular among first-time car buyers and youngsters. Maruti also offers the lower powered Alto 800 but the AMT automatic transmission is only available with the K10 model. It uses the same 67 Bhp – 90 Nm producing 1.0-litre K10 engine and gets a 5-speed transmission.

Renault Kwid

Price: Rs. 3.88 lakhs, ex-showroom, Delhi

The Renault Kwid is the best-selling car from the French manufacturer in India. The Kwid is available in two engine options but the AMT option is only available with its more powerful 1.0-litre engine. The three-cylinder petrol engine churns out a maximum of 67 Bhp and 91 Nm and gets a unique rotary dial knob for the transmission. The Kwid’s transmission does not allow you to change gears manually.

Datsun Redi-Go

Price: Rs. 3.96 lakhs, ex-showroom, Delhi

The Datsun Redi-Go is a stylish hatchback that has been designed to attract youngsters. The sharp angular design of the Redi-Go makes it unique in the segment. The Redi-Go is powered by a 1.0-litre engine that generates a maximum of 67 Bhp and 91 Nm and gets an optional 5-speed AMT with creep function. The Redi-Go also gets a lower powered version but the AMT is only available with the 1.0-litre version of the car.

Tata Tiago

Price: Rs. 4.99 lakh, ex-showroom, Delhi

The Tata Tiago has become a grand success for the manufacturer. The Tiago comes with a long list of unique features like Harman-powered speakers, navigation and even Eco mode that makes it popular in the segment. The Tiago is powered by both petrol and diesel engine options. However, only the petrol option gets the AMT version. The Tiago petrol is powered by a 1.2-litre engine that generates a maximum of 87 Bhp and 114 Nm of peak torque. It also gets the sports mode with the AMT automatic transmission.