Letting a 7 year-old drive a Toyota Fortuner on public roads is absolutely stupid [Video]

In India, the legal age of getting a driver’s license and driving a motor vehicle on road is 18 year. The main reason why authorities have kept the age 18 is mainly because of driving is not a simple task and driving a car on road is an activity that requires some sense of maturity and responsibility. This is one of the main reason why under age driving is not encouraged and is illegal in our country. Just like India, Pakistan also has the same rule when it comes to offering driving license. In the past we have seen several video reports where underage drivers have caused serious accidents. Here we have a video where a 7 year old kid from Pakistan’s Sialkot is seen driving a Toyota Fortuner on road.

The video has been uploaded by MASHALLAH REVIEW on YouTuber last year. The video has gone viral on the internet mainly because it shows a 7 year old kid driving a Toyota Fortuner. The kid is seen coming out from his house with keys to the Fortuner. He opens the door and sits on driver seat and drives the car out from their porch. The car that the kid is seen driving in the video is a n automatic version. He is seen sitting on the edge of the driver seat so that he can apply brake and press accelerator when needed. It should be noted that he is not wearing any seat belt as well. If he wears a seat belt then, he will be pulled back to the seat and cannot see the road or reach any of the pedals properly.

In this video, the kid is seen driving the SUV on public road. There were several bikers on the road. He is seen driving the car from one end of the road to the other. After reaching the end, he even takes 3 pointer turns without any problems. He is seen driving the SUV with a smile on his face which means he was not at all stressed while driving. At one point, he even does burn out with the Fortuner. According to the video, the kid has been driving the car ever since he was six years old. When the video was shot, he was 7 years old and now he must be an year older.

Letting a 7 year-old drive a Toyota Fortuner on public roads is absolutely stupid [Video]

Although, the kid seemed to be driving the car very smoothly, it does not mean he is doing the right thing. Toyota Fortuner is a massive SUV and driving it specially on narrow public roads like the one seen in the video can be dangerous. To encourage such things is actually stupid. At the end of the day, he is just a kid and chances of him getting distracted while driving are more. The kid is putting his and life of others using the road in danger by driving a car. Just like in India, Pakistan also has a provision that punishes the guardian or parent of the kid who is found driving and is under the age of 18.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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