76 year-old Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R superbike rider dies after crashing on new, unmarked speed breaker

76 year-old Naozer J Aga, an industrialist from Mumbai, and also the chairman of Virat Industries – a socks manufacturer – died after crashing on a new, unmarked speedbreaker on the old Mumbai-Pune highway, near Khalapur. An experienced biker who has even won motorsport events during his younger days, Mr. Aga was on his Kawasaki ZX-10R superbike. Mr. Aga is among the oldest superbikers in India.

Mr. Aga’s son, Armand, has alleged that the speed breaker was newly put up on the old Mumbai-Pune highway, an that was unmarked. The septuagenarian superbiker – Mr. Aga – is said to be a regular rider on this route, having adequate information about the location of speed breakers on this highway. He was wearing a crash helmet and other safety gear at the time of the crash. His motorcycle – the high performance Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R – has dual channel ABS as standard.

Jamil Shaikh, senior police inspector, Khalapur police station, had to say this about the crash,

Aga was wearing proper riding gear but as he was speeding, he hit a divider. Aga was found at a distance of 100 feet from his bike. Through documents available with him and his phone, we contacted his family and informed them about the accident. He was rushed to the nearby government hospital where he was declared dead. He was a well-known businessman from the Parsi community. He was driving Kawasaki Ninja ZX 10 R ABS, which has the engine capacity of 998 cc. 

Refuting the police inspector;s account, Mr. Aga’s son, Armand, said this,

When we reached the place the speed breaker was being painted. My father went on bike rides every weekend on the same road. He knew the road in and out. The accident took place only because of the new speed breaker.

Unmarked speed breakers are notorious for causing accidents in India. Such speed breakers, often constructed unscientifically, are particularly dangerous to two wheeler riders, who can easily lose balance if and when they are caught unaware by such death traps on the road. This is also a reason why sticking to the speed limit is essential for personal safety.

Via TheHindu and MumbaiMirror