Cars that India should buy MORE: Tata Tiago to Renault Kwid

India’s appetite for vehicles is growing by the day, and with more people now able to afford cars the only way for the Indian car industry is upwards. However, there is one thing that makes Indian roads seem a bit too stale, the choice of cars being bought. With every other person opting for basically the same cars, India’s roads look like the exit of the assembly line of a manufacturing facility. So let’s take a look at 8 cars that you should definitely keep in mind when you decide to get your new set of wheels.

Renault Kwid

renault kwid

While the Renault Kwid is becoming a more common sight on Indian roads, Maruti has a death grip on the segment, selling over 5 Altos for every Kwid that hit the road in July 2018 (23,371 vs 5,015). However, the Kwid with its SUV-like design, which received a makeover a few days back, is a more appealing car to look at. Besides, the higher-specced variants of Kwid come better equipped compared to the Alto. The Renault Kwid is also more fuel efficient, returning a mileage of 25.2km/l compared to the Alto’s 24.7km/l.

Tata Tiago

tata tiago

The Maruti WagonR dominates the segment with 14,339 units sold in July compared to the Tiago’s 8,009 units. However, the Tiago has both petrol and diesel engines on offer along with more space at the rear for passengers. Also, the petrol Tiago offers over 3 kilometres more to the litre. Further, the Tiago looks more contemporary, while the Wagon R’s boxy design looking dated, and is less brutal on your pocket at the time of purchase.

Volkswagen Polo

volkswagen polo

For every Volkswagen Polo sold in July, Maruti sold 13 Balenos. However, the Polo offers a host of features and better build quality compared to the Baleno. Also, the Polo GT TSI offers a much better driving experience compared to the Baleno RS, which isn’t that great when shown a sweeping corner, thanks to its suspension set-up. If you want a driver’s car, go for the Polo.

Volkswagen Ameo

volkswagen ameo dsg

Volkswagen sold just 401 units of the Ameo in July compared to 25,647 units of the Maruti Dzire. However, the Ameo diesel with the DSG gearbox is a sporty car in a segment more focused on mileage. If you’re looking for a smooth and sporty driving experience, even while driving a diesel car, get an Ameo.

Ford EcoSport

ford ecosport s

The Ford EcoSport is what started the compact SUV revolution in India. However, the Maruti Brezza, which arrived in 2016, continues to outsell the Ford, with 14,181 Brezza’s sold in July, compared to just 4,040 Ecosport SUVs. However, the Ford EcoSport is more feature-packed and also comes with petrol engine options. The EcoSport S is the one you should really look at. With 12 bhp and 170 Nm on offer, it is absolutely brilliant for the person looking to take the family out, but unwilling to compromise on a fun driving experience.

Renault Duster

renault duster

The Hyundai Creta absolutely dominates the segment the Duster finds itself in. In July 2018, Hyundai sold 10,423 Cretas compared to just 587 Dusters ( a ratio of 17.75:1). However, for those using their SUVs to commute in the city, the automatic Duster starts at just Rs. 9.95 lakh compared to over Rs. 13 lakh for the Creta Automatic.

Tata Hexa

tata hexa

The Tata Hexa is Tata’s current flagship car on sale in India. However, Mahindra sold 2,766 units of the XUV500 compared to just 838 Hexas in July 2018. But, the Tata SUV is a much better car to own especially for those with big families as it can easily seat 7 people in its cavernous interiors. The Hexa is a lot cheaper than the Mahindra and the Jeep Compass. Prices start at around Rs. 12.5 lakh.

Ford Endeavour


The full-size SUV segment is the dominion of the Toyota Fortuner. Compared to 1,856 units of the Toyota sold in July 2018, Ford sold just 471 units of the Endeavour. However, the Endeavour is a whole lot larger than the Fortuner with enough space for 7 people while the more powerful 3.2-litre engine means that it can easily keep the Fortuner at bay without any issue. Ford’s ever-improving after sales network also means that the Endeavour is now easier to maintain as well.

Sales Figures via Auto Punditz

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