8 CRAZY things people have done with Royal Enfield motorcycles in India [Video]

Royal Enfield has become a cult brand in India and around the world because of its unique styling and the iconic thump sound that it makes. The Royal Enfield branded bikes are also the best selling bikes above the 250cc segment in the Indian market. The Royal Enfiled fans really take their bikes seriously and often announce how capable and unique their bikes are. Here are 8 such videos that show people doing crazy and unthinkable things with their Royal Enfield motorcycles.

Towing cars

Royal Enfield motorcycles have big block engines. Even though they are not very rich in power, the torque output is always on the higher side. Royal Enfield Classic, Bullet and Thunderbird motorcycles are available in 350cc and 500cc engines. The 350cc engine produces about 28 Nm while the 500cc engine produces a maximum of 41.3 Nm.

The massive low-end torque out ensures that heavy loads can be pulled without much problem. Here is a video of Royal Enfield Classic towing a Maruti 800 and a tractor on two different occasions. Pretty crazy!

Flaunt the torque

There are numerous videos on the social media that show Royal Enfield motorcycle riders getting into a tug of war with other bikes. Here is a video compilation that shows many such tug of wars with the modern motorcycles in India. Royal Enfield riders do love the low-end torque in their bikes and there’s no better way to show who is the boss, isn’t it?

Race in slush

Really? That is something that the adventure bike owners may think about, but here is a group of riders who take their beloved motorcycles in the mud and race against each other. Again, most of the riders take Royal Enfield motorcycles on the treacherous paths of Ladakh and Spiti in India due to the common notion that they perform well in the slush and mud. This group shows how well they perform!

Lift up the bike!

Most Royal Enfield riders have a heavy body-frame. The most common reason such people give to buy a Royal Enfield is that the bike suits their personality. Well, many out there love to flaunt themselves and their Royal Enfield bikes and a few of them show-off by lifting the bike!

Crazy modifications

There is no doubt in the fact that Royal Enfield motorcycles are one of the most modified bikes in India right now. While most Royal Enfield motorcycles are customised for the road, many owners put functional mods and some others modify to increase the visual impact of the bike. Here is one such modification that shows huge tyres on the Royal Enfield motorcycle. Of course, it will attract a lot of eyes on the road but it sure makes the life difficult for the rider and the engine. The engine needs more power because of the thicker tyres while the rider will have to put more energy to turn the machine.

Modify as a farm tool

Many Royal Enfield owners modify their bikes to use them as farm equipment. As tractors are quite expensive, the Royal Enfield bikes have enough torque to carry out many farm work like ploughing. Here is a modified Royal Enfield that won an award from the National Innovation Foundation in India in 2002. High on low-end torque, the Bullet has been transformed into a farming equipment.

The Bullet now gets three wheels and a plougher as an attachment in the rear. The rear wheels are from a small tractor, that help to get traction in the agricultural field. The plougher is set-up with a lever mechanism that can be used to lower it to the ground. It can be used for various farming purposes like ploughing, harrowing and sowing. There are many such modifications based on the Royal Enfield bikes.

Set records

The Indian Army Service Corps (ASC) is known for setting many world records involving Royal Enfield bikes. They claimed a Guinness World Record on a Royal Enfield Bullet. The Army won the record for 58 people riding on a single motorcycle for over a kilometre. The Bullet 500 was used for the job but how did 58 men ride together on the Bullet? Check the video to find out.

Reading the newspaper on the Bullet?

Yes, you read that right. A stuntman from Punjab performs a unique newspaper reading stunt on his Royal Enfield Bullet. He sits with his legs on the same side and has a newspaper in his hands that he reads while riding the bike. It is phenomenal how he maintains the balance but it is also extremely dangerous to perform such stunts on a public road.

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