8 ‘Regular’ cars with ‘Super-Luxury’ car features

Luxury cars sell for the features they come with. Pick up a brochure of any luxury car and you will be amazed to see pages full of uber cool features. Even though some of these features are limited to luxury vehicles, there are many  such features that are available with budget cars. Let’s find out what our regular cars have in common with the cars that some of us can only dream to buy.

Ford Emergency Assistance

Ford Emergency

All the Ford cars starting from Figo comes with the SYNC applink to connect to the smartphone. The smart app can sense an accident and calls the emergency services.

The app also shares the location of the emergency. This saves vital time during critical situations. All the Roll-Royce cars come with similar feature. The Rolls-Royce cars can also be tracked through this feature.



Ford MyKey

Available with the Figo and Figo Aspire models, the Ford MyKey is a smart feature meant for safety. The car key can be used to set speed limit, provide early low-fuel warning and also encourages the use of the seatbelt in the car by giving continuous warning.


The new BMW 7-Series has a similar function in its key fob. The car can be pre-limited to a certain speed and also, various other warning signs are shown on the new BMW 7-Series fob.


Hyundai Elantra

The all-new Elantra comes with ventilated front seats. During really hot days, the cool air coming out of the seat is nothing less than heaven. The ventilated perforated seats of Elantra is a feature that comes with high-end cars.


Most high-end cars come with ventilated seats and most notably, Mercedes-Benz S-Class also comes with a similar feature. The feature uses a series of fans to rotate the air of the air conditioner of the car to perforations made on the seat.


Honda Jazz

The magic seats of Honda Jazz are really magical. The seats can be configured in many different ways that can be used to fit unusual things inside the car. The Jazz seats can form two flatbed and can also shift things like cycle, flower pot and many other things in the car.


Even a Mercedes-Benz can’t boast of such utility for fitting in so many things in the car but it does come with ultra-luxurious reclining rear seats. Even if you can’t afford the luxury, you sure can afford utility and practicality.


Tata Tiago

The newest hatchback of Tata features driving mode. In the ECO mode, the engine feels bit restricted but the car becomes very fuel efficient. Tiago’s bigger cousin, Tata Bolt also comes with sports mode, that makes the engine very responsive and sharp.

Tiago Mode

The driving modes are common in high-end luxury cars. In Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the driving mode alters engine response, throttle response, suspension stiffness and steering response to make the car more suitable to the driving situations.


Tata Safari

The Tata Safari is the only car below the Rs. 10 lakh mark to come with an analogue clock on the dashboard. It looks elegant and beautiful. The rectangular watch is placed between the AC vents and makes the cabin feel plush.


Mercedes-Benz S-Class is one example of featuring an analogue clock on the dashboard. Other high-end cars, like the Porsche, Rolls Royce, and Bentley come with an analogue watch on the dashboard. Yes, it is a very basic feature but it takes a lot of thought to put such things in budget cars.


Skoda Superb

The Skoda Superb is one brilliant car. It is fast, it looks great and it has some unique features. The Superb is the only car that features an umbrella holder in India other Rolls Royce.


The Superb has specialised space in the door panel that is used to store the umbrella. The Rolls-Royce also comes with a similar feature, the only difference is, the Rolls-Royce umbrella holder is heated and it will dry the umbrella.



Mahindra E2O


The fully electric car comes with some features from the future. The E2O comes with an advanced feature through which it can be controlled through a smartphone. Various functions of the car can be controlled through the smartphone itself.

The E2O smartphone app can lock/unlock the car. It can also be used to switch on the air conditioner on a hot day in case you want to enter a cooled car. The app also gives you a real-time status update of the car and its location. The feature is available with high-end cars like Mercedes-Benz S-Class in form of Mbrace.