83-year old Mumbai man buys his first new car – a Maruti WagonR; Now planning a road trip [Video]

They say – “Age is just a number for those who dream”. This phrase has been proved by an old man from Mumbai, who purchased his first new car at 83. The man shared his entire story of buying his first new car in a post on a popular photoblog account on Instagram “Humans of Bombay”. While the identity and name of the person haven’t been revealed in the Instagram post, the man has shared his joyous experience of buying a car at an age when people usually shy away from driving a car.

In the post, the 83-year old man said that he was always passionate about cars and wanted to buy a new car in his younger days. However, due to family responsibilities and prioritizing the needs and wishes of children above his dreams, he always settled for cheaper second-hand cars to save money.

After his children settled down and he was blessed with a large family with six grandchildren, he decided to go for another second-hand car for his basic needs. However, his children insisted he gets a brand new car as he now deserved to get one.

His children booked the car for him

83-year old Mumbai man buys his first new car – a Maruti WagonR; Now planning a road trip [Video]

A few months later of this conversation, his children booked a new grey-coloured Maruti Suzuki WagonR for him. However, his children didn’t disclose anything about the exact date of delivery. On 16th January on the occasion of one of his grandson’s 25th birthday, the man was taken for an outdoor lunch by his children.

However, instead of going back home, the family took the old man to a Maruti Suzuki showroom, where the man got his big surprise in the form of his new car standing right in front of his eyes. The whole moment made the old man immensely surprised and emotional. After the delivery ceremony, the old man took everyone for a spin in his new WagonR.

The old man said that he is now in love with this new phase of being an owner of a new car and he likes to drive it everywhere. Apart from visiting his family members, he now wishes to accomplish a road trip to Lonavala and spend time with his friends there. He concluded by saying that though his grandson turned 25 recently, he feels that his own younger days of freedom and adventure have started only now.

The man here in this post is not the only aged adult who preferred the WagonR as his daily drive. The compact tallboy hatchback from Maruti Suzuki is one of the most practical cars available. It offers good space management in the cabin, a light steering setup with a low turning radius and easy ingress and egress, which are some of the attributes primarily preferred by older drivers.