85-year old car crazy man has bought 60-plus cars [Video]

Lately, we have been witnessing a trend among celebrities and young businessmen: they are purchasing expensive cars and SUVs to expand their collections. While many of them acquire such costly vehicles to flaunt their wealth, there are a few who genuinely appreciate a vehicle for what it truly is. These individuals are called enthusiasts, and we have come across many of them on the internet. This passion for cars and bikes is not limited to the younger generation. Here, we have a video featuring an 85-year-old man from Kerala who has amassed over 60 cars to date.

The video has been uploaded by the Behindwoods Ink YouTube channel. In the video, the presenter interacts with 85-year-old Narayanan Pillai from Mavelikkara, Kerala. Mr. Narayanan, a former advocate and Australian citizen, has always had a fascination for new cars. Once he started earning enough, he made sure to purchase new cars. His first car was an Audi Fox, a rebadged version of the Audi 80, which he bought in Australia. Since then, Narayanan Pillai has bought several cars.

He doesn’t possess an extensive collection of cars. Instead, he buys a car, uses it for a year or two, and then sells or exchanges it for another model or brand. He spent approximately 43 years in Australia and 7 years in the UK. When he came to India, his first car was a Volkswagen Jetta, which he used for about a year before exchanging it for another car.

Gradually, he began gravitating towards luxury cars because they offered greater comfort and more features. Among all the brands available in the Indian market, Mr. Narayanan Pillai has a strong liking for BMW. Since 2008, he has exclusively used BMW vehicles and has purchased around 14 vehicles from EVM group dealerships in Kerala.

85-year old car crazy man has bought 60-plus cars [Video]
85 year old Narayanan Pillai & his BMW 2-Series

Narayanan Pillai’s latest ride is a BMW 2 Series sedan. He mentions that he thoroughly enjoys driving, which is one of the reasons why he hasn’t hired a driver. He takes the car on long-distance drives and often travels to Tamil Nadu. He has covered almost every part of Australia in his car. He comments that the condition of roads in Kerala is not as good as those in Tamil Nadu or other states. Speaking to the anchor, he expresses his preference for luxury brands because he loves speed and finds that these cars offer a greater sense of safety compared to others.

He even takes the vlogger for a spin in his new BMW 2 Series sedan. Narayanan Pillai can be heard saying that he is likely to use the car for about a year, and once he finds a good car in the market, he will replace the 2 Series. Specifically, he mentions that he is looking for a facelift of the 2 Series sedan, or else he might opt for the 3 Series. The 2 Series is an ideal car for Indian road conditions as it is not overly large in terms of dimensions, and it also offers a decent number of features.