Indian farmer buys Mercedes Benz: Fulfills childhood dreams after 80 years [Video]

Even though it is an old story, the inspiration behind it is immense and we have to share it again. In 2018, an 88-year old farmer became an Internet sensation after he bought a Mercedes Benz, his childhood dream! The farmer saved money over the years to buy the Mercedes-Benz B-Class.

The video released by Trans Car India, an authorised dealership of Mercedes-Benz India shows H. Devarajan fulfilling his childhood dreams. The video shows that the farmer has always been a fan of Mercedes-Benz cars since he first saw the car in his childhood when he was only 8 years old. The farmer worked towards his dream and finally was able to complete it after 80 long years. This gives many of us hopes of fulfilling our childhood dreams.

Devarajan says on the video that he was not aware of the name of the brand when he first saw the logo. However, it was the three-pointed star logo that caught his eye and remained in his memory for a long time until he got to know the name of the brand. He is overjoyed in the video while the vehicle is being delivered to him. The dealership also celebrated his lifetime achievement with a cake cutting ceremony.

Indian farmer buys Mercedes Benz: Fulfills childhood dreams after 80 years [Video]

The farmer says in the video that his wife supported him on every stage of his life and worked with him to realise the dream. He bought a brand-new B-Class from the showroom. Even though the B-Class was discontinued from the Indian market last year, it remains one of the most practical choices in India. The B-Class was the first MPV-hatchback launched by the German brand in India. It offers easy entry and exit due to large doors and high seating position, which will be very useful for the old couple. Also, the high roof of the vehicle makes the cabin extremely comfortable and airy.

The exact variant of this vehicle is not known but the base variant of the B-Class was priced at Rs 32 lakhs, ex-showroom when it was available in India. It was available in both petrol and diesel engine options. It was the most affordable vehicle from the German manufacturer when launched in India in 2012.

The video further shows the farmer lifting the cover from his vehicle and smiling with joy with his wife. He was also spotted sitting on the co-driver seat while driving out of the showroom. Buying a luxury vehicle in India is not a small feat, especially due to the high import taxes. With this story, we do hope that many of us work to make childhood dreams come true.

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