9 reasons why i20 is a popular car for its gadgets and features

The Hyundai i20 is a best-seller from Hyundai, selling more than 7,000 units every month. CarToq members have been near unanimous that it is probably the best option among premium hatchbacks in less than Rs 6 lakh. Apart from its good looks and interior space, buyers like the car because it comes loaded with gadgets and features that make driving and travelling a very satisfying experience.

The gadgets you get obviously depends upon the variant you opt for – and these variants fall in the price band of Rs. 4.5 lakh to Rs. 8.1 lakh.

We have identified features that could be a good reason for you to consider the i20 in your shortlist. All these features available in the top-end variant, the i20 Asta 1.4 petrol AT.

hyundai i20 photo

Dashboard: The i20 dashboard is well spread out and feels plush, the plastics used too are of good quality. What is important however is the host of useful equipment and creature comfort the car boasts of.

hyundai i20 photo 1

Steering Wheel: The i20’s steering wheel is adjustable for tilt and reach. It also conceals the driver side airbag and grips nicely. It has a premium feel, thanks to the three-spoke black and silver finish.

hyundai i20 photo 2

Passenger Airbag: Right next to the cars air conditioning vent (on the extreme left) is the passenger side airbag, adding another tick to the cars safety equipment check list. Airbags are available on all variants except the base 1.2 Magna.

hyundai i20 photo 3

Central Console: The central console of the dashboard houses the i20’s audio system which facilitates high quality in-car audio entertainment. It also sports (On the top end variant) a navigation system which helps guide the driver to his destination, a handy feature when travelling in unfamiliar regions. A little below the navigation system are the controls for the i20’s auto climate control, which ensures the cabin is cooled uniformly irrespective of the temperature outside. The navigation system is available only on the Asta variant.

hyundai i20 photo 4

Digital Odometer: The car has a digital odometer which also displays a gear shift indicator that comes as standard. The indicator is handy and the driver does not need to keep tab of what gear he or she is in. It also helps the cars performance if one follows the indicator.

hyundai i20 photo 5

USB and Aux in: Although the i20 has been around for three years now is not out dated in terms of the gadgets it supports. The i20 has both an auxiliary-input as well as an USB port for your smart phones, mp3 players and i-pods.

hyundai i20 photo 6

Airbag Indicator: On the right of the i20’s trip meter button there is a small but evident display that shows whether all airbags are turned on or off and also whether the seat-belts have been fastened. It even display which airbags in particular have been deactivated. (Available only on Asta variants.)

hyundai i20 photo 8

Central Display: On the centre of the i20’s dashboard there is another small display unit which apart from displaying the trip information also displays the song or channel being played on the music player. This display also shows the time, inside and outside temperature and date.

hyundai i20 photo 9

Cooled Glovebox: The i20 has a large cooled glove box to keep your drinks cool, a handy feature on long trips. The glove box also sports a separate flat compartment where you can store important papers and other documents. This feature is available in all variants except the base Era model.

Which features do you like the most in the i20? Are there any gadgets or features you wish the i20 had? Share your comments.