A 20-car convoy of Ambani family includes Rolls Royces & Range Rovers

The Ambani family enjoys the highest security level for civilians in India. With the Z+ category and a garage full of luxury cars, the family does attract a lot of eyes on the roads. While all the Ambani family members travel with an army of personal guards and CISF personnel, this convoy of more than 20 cars shows the real strength of the family that stays in Mumbai, India’s financial capital.

The convoy is comprised of some of the most expensive cars available in the Indian market. The video by automobiliardent shows a few Land Rover Range Rover SUVs. The most expensive car in the convoy is easily identifiable and it is the Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard. It is a bulletproof saloon that Ambani often uses along with the other two bulletproof cars he owns. The Mercedes-Benz S600 is the latest acquisition of Mukesh Ambani and his ever-expanding garage of armoured cars.

There is another bulletproof car in the convoy. It is the BMW 7-Series Hi-Security. While Ambani has been using this bulletproof car for a long time now, it looks like someone else in the family has started using this armoured vehicle too. There is the old S-Class Guard in the convoy too.

Security cars

A 20-car convoy of Ambani family includes Rolls Royces & Range Rovers

The Range Rover SUVs are used as pilot cars, which protect the convoy and also clear the way for swift movement. Then there is a Mercedes-Benz V-Class, which also looks like a part of the security detail but we are unsure what purpose it serves to the convoy. There are additional security cars like the MG Gloster SUVs in the convoy.

The convoy ends with an army with Gloster SUVs, Range Rover SUVs and a Land Rover Discovery. Ambani clan uses security cars worth crores. While the state provides the cars to the Z+ protectees, the Ambani family has always used high-end cars bought from personal money as security cars.

Rolls Royce Cullinan

A 20-car convoy of Ambani family includes Rolls Royces & Range Rovers

The Ambani family owns three Rolls Royce Cullinan SUVs. You can see the oldest Rolls Royce Cullinan of the family in the convoy. Off late, the Ambanis have developed a new liking – car wraps. The trend started with the Bentley Bentayga that got a chrome reflecting psychedelic wrap. The latest Rolls Royce Cullinan now also has a wrap. A colour-changing purple coloured wrap.

Land Rover Defender 110

A 20-car convoy of Ambani family includes Rolls Royces & Range Rovers

The video also shows a Defender 110 that the family bought last year. The Land Rover Defender is highly popular in India. After the initial sales, the British luxury car manufacturer added new engine options to the model earlier this year. The Land Rover Defender 110 gets five doors and a 5+2 seating option as well.

Why travel in different cars?

You may ask why the family is travelling in different cars. Well, it might be because of security reasons. It is standard practice around the world where the members of a successful business family travel in different cars. In an event of an attack on one of the cars in the convoy, the others can escape unhurt. There are many businesses around the world that do not allow top executives to travel in the same car or flight.