A closer look at Hyundai’s first SUV for India, the Terracan 4X4 [Video]

Hyundai is India’s second-largest car manufacturer. Over the years, the South Korean car brand has launched several new and interesting products in our market. During the initial days of the brand in India, they experimented with several models. One such model was the Hyundai Terracan. This was an SUV, and until then, Hyundai was considered a brand that only sold small family hatchbacks. For the same reasons, it never performed well in the market. It was launched in 2003 and was discontinued within 3 years of its launch. Finding a Hyundai Terracan on the road is now extremely hard. Here, we have a video of a well-maintained Hyundai Terracan SUV. Baiju N Nair has been uploaded the video on his YouTube channel.

In this video, the presenter takes a closer look at the well-maintained Hyundai Terracan SUV in Kerala. The video starts by talking about the exterior design of the SUV. It does not have a butch-looking design; instead, it has a soft-roader-like design with curved edges. The current owner of the SUV has made sure to customize it without losing its original character. The headlamps are now HID units, and the fog lamps are now projector LEDs.

Only by looking at the side profile can you realize that this is a huge vehicle. Like any SUV, it has a boxy design and large windows. The sloping bonnet and the air scoop on it add character to the car. The lower cladding on the Terracan was finished in a matte finish to achieve a rugged look. However, the owner of this SUV has painted the cladding in a gloss finish, giving it a premium look. The beadings on the door and the door handles are the only visible chrome elements here. Even the third-row window, or the quarter glass, is large, meaning there is no lack of light inside the cabin.

A closer look at Hyundai’s first SUV for India, the Terracan 4X4 [Video]
Hyundai Terracan SUV

The owner has managed to retain the original tail lamps and headlamps in this vehicle. We can also see a parking camera that has been installed on the rear bumper of the SUV. The video then moves on to show the cabin. Just like the exterior, the interior has also been well-maintained. The seat covers have been redone, and an aftermarket touchscreen infotainment system has been installed on the dashboard. The steering wheel is a 4-spoke unit with a glossy wooden touch. The center console also has a wooden touch, which looks dated now.

The Hyundai Terracan was a 4WD SUV. The rotary knob to engage 4L and 4H can be seen next to the handbrake. The presenter mentions that the car offers a commanding seating position, which makes it extremely friendly to drive. There is automatic climate control but no space to keep bottles on the door. The SUV was powered by a 2.9-liter CRDI diesel engine that generated 148 bhp and 343 Nm of peak torque. The engine and gearbox feel refined even today. The suspension is soft and offers a comfortable ride to the occupants. It was available only with a manual transmission as automatics were not very popular among customers at that time. The owner of this SUV still uses it for long drives.