A Closer look at Volvo B11R bus customised by DC Design [Video]

After the first and second wave of pandemic, more people have started travelling and are using various modes of transport to travel. Some prefer personal vehicles while some rely on public transport networks. There are a bunch of travellers who are now preferring to travel in buses and trains to explore different parts of the country. We have featured several videos on the internet about modified cars from DC but, here we have a Volvo bus that has been customised by DC.

The video has been uploaded by 200Journeys on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger is travelling from Mumbai to Bhopal in a bus. He has booked for sleeper bus that takes it passengers from Mumbai to Bhopal in around 14-15 hours. Vlogger opted for this bus operator specifically because they have a customised Volvo B11R bus on this route. In this video, vlogger talks about the facilities that are being offered in this bus when compared with regular overnight buses.

Vlogger boarded the bus from source point and he was the only passenger. It is a huge bus and is around 14-15 metres long. The bus is powered by D8K, in-line six cylinder engine that generates 380 Ps -460 Ps. It has a massive 600 litres fuel tank and the engine is mated to an automatic gearbox. The engine on this bus is mounted at the rear. What makes this Volvo B11R special is its exterior. The exterior on this bus has been completely customised by DC.

A Closer look at Volvo B11R bus customised by DC Design [Video]

The bus looks like a caravan that has been designed for some celebrity. The bus gets black and Orange dual tone paint job and only a small portion of the bus has large glass windows. All the other seats get small round window that are similar to what is seen on cruise ships. Vlogger talks to the driver of the bus and he mentions that he has been driving Volvo B11R buses for almost 10 years and regularly does the route in which vlogger is currently travelling.

The bus has a maximum capacity of 38 passengers and there are two tier sleeper beds for passengers. On left hand side, it has berth foe single passengers while of the right hand side of the bus, the berth can accommodate 2 passengers. The bus comes with air suspension which makes the journey a lot more comfortable for the passengers. Driver mentions in the video that bus consumes almost 600-650 litres of diesel to go from Mumbai to Bhopal and then back to Mumbai. There are two drivers present in the bus and the other driver would drive the bus after the shift of first driver has finished.

Like in any Volvo, on overnight bus, the luggage is placed in the compartment which is accessed from outside. What makes this Volvo even more special is that the DC version of the bus comes with washroom inside the bus. This means, minimum number of stops during the long journey. Overall, the bus looks beautiful and definitely looks premium. Vlogger mentions that the approximate cost of this bus is somewhere between Rs 1.5 crore to 2 crore.

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