A guide to LED Daytime Running Lamps for you cars!

Roads in India are often poorly lit and are full of potholes; in fact it is not usual to see roads where there are no street lights. These factors along with the aesthetic appeal of auxiliary LED daytime running lights (DRLs) makes them popular in India.

However, many of us aren’t sure about getting these lights installed and are vary of them. Others who know about LED DRLs aren’t quite sure about which brand to opt for or what price to pay for them. Here take a look at the pros and cons of LED DRLs, the brands which manufacture and sell them in India, along with their prices. Also read: How to tune your petrol car for more performance

A guide to LED Daytime Running Lamps for you cars!

What is an LED?

LED is short for “Light emitting diodes” which are small light bulbs which are available in a variety of colours and levels of intensity. They are used in several appliances we come across in our day to day lives. They are used in our TV remote controllers, our digital watches and alarm clocks, washing machines, TV’s and more.

What is the advantage of an LED?

The main advantage of Led lights is that they do not have a filament that can burn, hence they do not heat up too much, they consume relatively less power compared to their incandescent counterparts and they last longer. Because of their characteristics they do not drain the battery at all and hence can be used as DRLs or daytime-running lamps as they have virtually no affect on your car batteries.

What are the disadvantages of an LED?

LEDs are mostly white or blue and because of the nature of the light they produce they can hamper the perception of colour, especially shades of the colour red. However, most modern day LED lights usually do not cause this change in perception of colours. They are also expensive and there is a high cost of investment initially. LED’s do not provide a focused beam of light; instead they provide a wide but unfocused throw. In this specific case of LED DRLs we should also mention that these are usually white or blue in colour which means they aren’t very helpful in dense fog.

Which brand should I go for?

There are several aftermarket accessory shops which sell locally manufactured of Chinese-make LED DRLs. While these are cheaper and more affordable their quality and longevity is questionable. Since LED’s last much longer than other bulbs many people do not mind taking the risk of buying cheap quality LED DRLs. However if you want reliable and long lasting DRLs it is best to go for trusted brands like Philips and Hella. Both these brands manufacture LED’s DRLs along with an array of other auxiliary lights for cars.

Philips LED DRLs

Price: Rs.6,500-Rs.10,000

Daylight 4: The Philips Daylight 4 as the name suggests is a DRL with 4 LED bulbs mounted next to each other in a sleek looking rectangular casing.

Daylight 8: The Philips Daylight 8 is the same as the Daylight 4 only it has twice as many LED bulbs and it also costs almost twice as much as the Daylight 4 model DRLs.

Hella LED DRLs

Price:Rs.3,00o onwards (approx)

LED-Safety Daylight Kits: These are 12V/2W LED lamps. The kit contains 2 lamps, a changeover relay, a wiring harness with socket and mounting screws.

LED-Safety Day Lights – Strip: Hella also offers 12V & 24V options which have a power consumption of 3W. The kit contains 2 lamps, a changeover relay, a wiring harness with socket, mounting screws and caps. Also read: Why some common car modifications are illegal!