A well-kept, rare Hindustan Motors Trekker SUV on video

Hindustan Motors was one of the popular car manufacturer in India. It was in fact the manufacturer that was present in India when the trend for cars started in the country. Some of the popular models from the manufacturer included Ambassador and Contessa sedan. However, Hindustan Motors also used to manufacture an SUV. It was actually a utilitarian vehicle which shared many parts with Ambassador sedan. The HM SUV was called Trekker. In terms of design, it was not one of the best looking cars in the market and because of the weird design it never attracted many buyers. Hindustan Motors Trekker is now a very sight on our roads and here we have a video of a well maintained Trekker that is still being used by its owner.

The video has been uploaded by Dajish P on his YouTube channel. Vlogger starts by showing the exterior of the car and he also speaks to the owner about the car in the video. As mentioned above, Hindustan Trekker was a utilitarian vehicle that shared several parts with the popular Ambassador sedan. The round headlamps, pilot lamps lamps and turn indicators are all borrowed from an Ambassador. In order to achieve an SUV or jeep like look from the front, the manufacturer has given a vertical slat grille. Hindustan Trekker gets a boxy design and that has been done to make it more practical.

The Trekker seen here in the video is a 2000 model vehicle and the owner of this car has done minor changes to it. The car looks well maintained in the video. He got a reinforced the roof, new front bumper, a new tail light and many other customisations. Hindustan Motors did not offer Trekker with a proper hard top and it also missed out on doors. The car came with 15 inch wheels with Ambassador like wheel caps on them. The suspension set up on the Trekker was another thing which was borrowed from an Ambassador.

A well-kept, rare Hindustan Motors Trekker SUV on video

In the video, vlogger can be heard speaking to the owner about the Trekker. He mentions that till date he has not faced any major problems with the vehicle. When it comes to maintenance, he relies mostly on second hand spare market in case he needs any. No major customisation have been done to the interior of this Hindustan Trekker. The owner has re-positioned the ignition lock as the older one under the steering was not working anymore. It gets bench seats both at the first and second row and side facing seats for the third row passenger. It was a car that is very commonly used to ferry people from one place to other. In some parts of Kerala, these cars are still used to ferry people.

The engine on this SUV is also borrowed from an Ambassador. It is powered by a 1.5 litre, 4-cylinder diesel engine that generates 34 Bhp of peak power and 80 Nm of peak torque. The engine is mated to a 5-speed Isuzu gearbox driving the rear wheels.

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