A Zomato and Swiggy tie-up on wheels like you never imagined [Video]

‘Divided by business, united by humanity’. This statement got proved in a heated afternoon in New Delhi when two delivery executives showed how humanity is still alive and is over the boundaries of competition and rivalry. In a social media post which has gone viral, a delivery executive from Swiggy on his motorcycle is seen helping a Zomato executive on his bicycle to beat the heat of a cruel summer afternoon in the national capital region.

divided by companies united by humanity from delhi

With this gesture, the Swiggy delivery executive helped his counterpart from Zomato, who was struggling to ride his bicycle in the scorching heat of the afternoon. The motorcycle rider also helped the bicycle rider in saving time to deliver his order sooner than he would have delivered after pedalling all the way long.

Post went viral

The social media post with this video tagged along has the caption ‘True friendship seen on these hot Delhi days’. This fine example of the rare instance of humanity beyond competition has gone viral on the internet. Many netizens commented on the post and praised the delivery executive riding his motorcycle for showing empathy beyond the borders of rivalry. One of the Reddit users also pointed out that it is common to see a Zomato delivery executive taking an order out of a Swiggy bag and vice-versa.

However, this incident has also brought again the struggles of food delivery executives to deliver their orders as fast as they can. This phenomenon has become more common after the pandemic. The food delivery apps have already jumped into the competition by offering food deliveries at rates faster than one could imagine. Due to this, several food-delivery executives are seen rushing through the traffic and flouting the traffic rules, thus putting their lives and laws at risk.

Recently, the food delivery app Zomato came under scrutiny and backlash for claiming that the app can deliver food to customers in just 10 minutes. This new order further brought the risks of food delivery agents back into the limelight. However, Zomato co-founder Deepinder Goyal clarified it by saying that the claim is just for specific nearby locations in a few cities.

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