Aadhar card may become mandatory for cars after phone, bank accounts and other things

Aadhar card, which is constantly becoming mandatory for a various number of services in India including bank accounts, phones, PAN cards among many other things. According to the latest development, the ministry of home affairs (MHA) panel has been given the task of drafting a comprehensive policy to link car registration numbers to the Aadhar card. The linkage of both the things will supposedly secure the Indian highways.

Aadhar card may become mandatory for cars after phone, bank accounts and other things

The recommendation is among many other recommendations made by MHA’s Working Group on Highway Security, which was formed in July 2017 and headed by director general of Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D).

The recommendation is aimed at reinforcing the security against incidents such as Maoist attacks and militant attacks on the highway. The database of country-wide vehicles will be liked to the Unique Identification Number (UID), which will help in tracing the owner of vehicles easier. The panel has not directly recommended linking of Aadhar number with the motor vehicles but has suggested the creation of a new body called Central Repository Body (CRB) at the government level.

The group of people who have suggested the change comprise of representatives from the ministry of road transport and highways, MHA and director generals of police from six different states – Punjab, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Tamil Nadu and Assam.

The centre had also proposed linking of driving license with the Aadhar Card sometime back. This move was set to filter fake licenses from the real ones. Centre informed Supreme Court that a new software is being readied and it will be put in place soon. The software will cover all the states on the real-time basis, which will make it impossible for people to fake their driving license.

It is not known if the challans will be also linked to the same system in the future. Many states have started the point based challan system, which issues points against every challan and after gaining a certain number of points, the license is cancelled.