Aamir Khan appears in the first TVC for the new Datsun Go [Video]

Japanese carmaker Datsun launched the facelifted Go hatchback and Go+ MPV on the 10th of October. Now, with their brand ambassador Aamir Khan at the helm, Datsun has released the first Television Commercial for the two new cars.

The TVC which has the tagline of #ExperienceChange see two men talking with their barbers about the style of haircut they want. When asked if he wants something new the older gentleman curtly tells his barber to keep his hairstyle the same. The younger man with long hair, on the other hand, shows his barber the new style that he wants. After the haircut is done with, the older man nods and vocalises (hums) his approval, while the younger man goes “cool” with a smile on his face and starts checking out his new Afro.

It is here that Aamir Khan steps into the picture, pointing out the fact that the older generation wants to stay the same, a dig at Datsun’s rivals like Maruti and Hyundai, whose cars have remained unchanged for a while now. He then states that the newer generation always wants something new.

Aamir then states that Datsun noticed this want for something new from the younger generation, the target audience for Datsun with their new Go and Go+ cars. He then states that this is the reason why the new Datsun Go is totally new both inside and out with as the Datsun Go’s new features start rolling into view.

Aamir Khan appears in the first TVC for the new Datsun Go [Video]

The new Datsun go features more premium interiors and an all-new 7-inch touchscreen infotainment display which connects via Bluetooth or phone mirroring. Also new are the LED DRL’s on the front bumper and 14-inch diamond cut alloy wheels.

The graphics then tout the fact that the new Go is powered by Japanese engineering as Aamir states in the voice-over that the changes are because what was enough for people then isn’t good enough today.

The TVC then ends with Aamir taking to one of the barbers from before and when asked if he wants something new, he states Ghajini, referencing his sharp crew cut from the 2008 movie that saw many fans copy that style because of its uniqueness.