Watch Aamir Khan in a Kia Seltos as a crash test dummy in Ceat TVC

CEAT Tyres recently signed up Aamir Khan as official ambassador recently. The brand has now released its first TVC with the actor that will be aired by the IPL 2020. The new TV commercial shows how a crash test dummy with the face of Aamir Khan prefers Kia Seltos with CEAT tyres.

The advertisement shows crash test officials looking for a crash test dummy while several crashed dummies can be seen lying around broken. The dummy, which is played by Aamir Khan says, “They were good dummies but he only sits in the cars that have CEAT Tyres”.

Even though CEAT offers a wide range of tyres in the Indian market, this particular ad is about the Securadrive tyres that were launched in 2018. The tyres are made for various cars including the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza, Skoda Octavia, Hyundai Creta, Honda WR-V and the Kia Seltos among other cars.

The CEAT Securadrive range is available with different tyre sizes that fit a range of vehicles available in the Indian market. There are seven different sizes available in R15 and R16 sizes. The Securadrive is designed to offer a low road-noise, which ensures a better NVH level. Also, the tyres claim to offer smoother drive and superior grip in both dry and wet conditions. CEAT claims a higher safety quotient from the Securadrive tyre range.

Tyres play an important role when it comes to safety. The traction provided by the tyres directly affect the braking distance. This is why it is always advisable to choose high grip tyres over the tyres that offer low rolling resistance, which increases the overall life of the tyres.

Also, most automobile owners do not give much of an attention to the tyres. However, they are one of the most important parts of the automobiles. One should always check for the health of the tyres and keep a close eye for the cuts and damages on the tyres, especially the sidewalls. Having a good amount of tyre treads is also important when it comes to safety as treads are designed to dissipate water quickly and provide maximum grip. If you see that the tread of the tyre is below 2mm, you should change the tyres as soon as possible. However, having an adequate amount of tread height does not mean that the tyres are safe. If you store the vehicle for a long time and do not use it as often, the rubber can become hard, which will ensure the loss of traction.