Abandoned Audi A8 L worth over 1 Cr: Explored inside-out

Luxury cars have now become a common sight on our roads. Many of these cars are actually available at a very cheap price tag in the used car market as well. We have featured several exotic and luxury cars and superbikes on our website that has been abandoned for various reasons. Many of the cars that are abandoned on side of the road have a price tag over a crore. Here we have one such video where a vlogger takes us on a walkaround video of an Audi A8 L luxury saloon that has been abandoned.

The video has been uploaded by imran16 on his Youtube channel. The young vlogger actually spotted this vehicle parked inside an abandoned building in Mumbai. The vlogger mentions that he had seen this car when he came here for shooting a video. In this video, vlogger shows the condition of the car from outside and inside.

The vlogger shows opens the door of the building and right in front of the building, the abandoned Audi A8L is parked. This is not just any A8 L but, the top of the line W12 version. The price of this Audi A8 L W12 version was almost 2 crore. The condition of the car is pathetic as seen in the video. All the tyres have gone flat and it looks like the suspension on this luxury saloon also needs some work. The Audi A8 L came with adaptive air suspension.

The car is missing parts like the headlamp, front bumper etc. The vlogger tries to open the door but, only the driver side door was unlocked or opening. On the inside, just like the exterior, interiors are also covered in dust. The steering is not responding and many panels on the doors, center console have been vandalized.

Abandoned Audi A8 L worth over 1 Cr: Explored inside-out

Video also shows that some of the panels that probably belong to this car have been kept at the rear seat. The vlogger could not actually check what panels they are as the rear doors were stuck or locked. It looks like the car has been abandoned for a very long time. Luckily, it still has the LED tail lamps Audi badge. The bonnet was also stuck and the vlogger could not check the engine bay. After some time, the vlogger did manage to find the front bumper from a room inside the abandoned building.

Audi A8L was the most luxurious saloon that Audi used to sell at that time. It competes with cars like BMW 7-series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class. It was loaded with features like ventilated seats, electric sunroof, rear seat entertainment screen, 4-zone climate control, multi-function steering wheel, parking camera at the rear and parking sensors both at the front and rear.

The seats were electrically adjustable and they were all wrapped in premium quality leather. Under the hood, the Audi A8 L was powered by a massive 6299-cc, W12 turbocharged petrol engine. The engine generated around 494 Bhp and 625 Nm of peak torque. It was paired with an 8-speed automatic gearbox with paddle shifter. It came with Audi’s AWD system Quattro as well.