5 Rolls Royce super luxury sedans ABANDONED in India

Rolls Royce, the British luxury car manufacturer started making cars in 1973. There are numerous Rolls Royce cars sold by the manufacturer since then and most of them are still running on the road due to the high reliability. There are a few Rolls Royce cars around India that have been abandoned by the owners due to various reasons. Some of these cars were seized while the other ones were just left out in the open by the owners. Here is a list of five such Rolls Royce sedans that have been abandoned in India.

Rolls Royce Ghost

This is a previous generation Rolls Royce Ghost that has been seized by the police and is rotting in a police compound. The blue and grey shade of the Ghost still shines through all the dust and dirt that it has gathered over the moths. It was seized from Mohammed Nisham, a renowned personality in Bangalore, Karnataka. According to the latest reports, the car still lies in the police compound. Nisham was stopped by a lady cop for driving his Ghost under the influence of alcohol. The lady sub-inspector entered the car to retrieve the car’s keys. However, Mohammed Nisham, who was outside his Ghost, locked the cop inside the car.

Rolls Royce Phantom

5 Rolls Royce super luxury sedans ABANDONED in India

This last-generation Rolls Royce Phantom belongs to Leena Maria Paul, who an actress. She got involved in a scam with Canara Bank and the police seized her Phantom from a farmhouse in Delhi. The white coloured Phantom is currently lying down in a police yard and is rusting away.

Rolls Royce Silver Spur II

5 Rolls Royce super luxury sedans ABANDONED in India

Here is a vintage Rolls Royce that was spotted on a roadside in Maharashtra. The vehicle was dumped by the owner but the reason is not known. The Silver Spur became extremely popular when it came out in the 1980s and became a status symbol. There are many collectors and enthusiasts who still own the vehicle and keep it in a pristine condition.

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

This Rolls Royce Silver Shadow has been abandoned an owner in Khandala under a shed. The owner of this vehicle remains unknown and the locals who know about this abandoned vehicle say that the owner abandoned it after it was haunted by a ghost and as we all know Rolls Royce cars are named after spirits. We are not sure about the real story here but if you know about it, you can always drop your comment below.

Rolls Royce Silver Spirit

5 Rolls Royce super luxury sedans ABANDONED in India

This Rolls Royce Silver Spirit Mark 3 model, which was produced from 1993 to 1996 and was powered by a massive 6.75-litre V8 engine. It was found abandoned at a roadside by T-BHP.  Rolls Royce cars are among the most expensive and luxurious cars money can buy on earth and this one lying in this hapless condition surely is heart-wrenching.

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