5 times ABS saved bikers’ lives: Near misses! [Video]

Anti-lock braking system or ABS is an extremely important device for the vehicles. The importance of ABS cannot be understood before someone has to put it to use. Last year, the Indian government made it compulsory for all the cars to offer ABS as a part of standard equipment while all the two-wheelers powered by an engine of 125cc or more capacity now has to offer ABS. But if you’re still sceptical about the use of ABS and how it saves lives, here are five instances where the bikers barely managed to save themselves in emergency braking situations due to the use of ABS!

Emergency braking to save from truck

This video shows a group of bikers doing a high speed run on the highway at night, which is extremely dangerous. The video is taken from a helmet camera that shows the group doing insane speed on the highway. Suddenly, a KTM RC390 can be seen overtaking the rider with the camera from the left-hand side. The biker must have misjudged the truck going in front of him and when he realised, he applied the brakes with full force. Luckily, KTM RC390 offers standard dual-channel brakes, which saved the biker from running into the truck.

No mirror lane change

Most Indian car drivers do not use the outside rearview mirrors for unknown reasons and it is a major cause behind many accidents. Unaware of the vehicular movement behind them, many drivers with folded mirrors take sudden turns on the roads and here is a similar case by the driver of the Maruti Suzuki Eeco. To make things worse, a rickshaw puller was coming on the wrong side, which left no space for the biker to go and if there was no ABS in the bike, he would have crashed into one of them for sure.

Innova changing lane

Here is one more incident where the driver of the Toyota Innova decided to change the lane suddenly after he sees a truck parked in front. Even though the Innova driver had the mirrors open, he did not pay attention to the Bajaj Dominar 400 rider coming in the lane, just like many car drivers ignore the presence of the bikers on the roads.

5 times ABS saved bikers’ lives: Near misses! [Video]

Luckily, the owner chose the Dominar 400 with optional ABS, which allowed him to bring the braking distance a shorter distance and saved him from rear-ending the Innova.

Overtaking from left

Overtaking from the left has always been a dangerous business, especially on the busy streets. Here is a video of a KTM Duke rider from Kolkata that shows him barely missing a parked Honda City on the shoulder of the road. The rider was overtaking the biker from the left-hand side and suddenly met with a parked Honda City. Thanks to the ABS, he was able to bring down the speed of the bike and avoid the collision at the last moment.

No brake light

Heavy vehicles on the Indian highways are one of the most indisciplined vehicles that are also not maintained well. Here is a video of a biker on KTM Duke finding his heart-in-mouth after a truck without any brake lights suddenly applied the brakes on the highway. Without the brake lights, it is really difficult to make out if the vehicle has applied the brakes on the highways. When the biker realised, he applied the braked suddenly and the ABS allowed him to slow down in time and avoid hitting the truck.