Accidents everyday at same spot, same time! Finally mystery was solved

Accidents on Indian roads are a common sight. In some cases, accidents happen due to careless drivers and riders, while in other cases, accidents are caused by potholes on the road. Lack of proper lighting on the road and unscientific construction is also a reason in some cases, but they are very rare. In this incident, we have a mystery spot on a road causing accidents every day at a particular time. The accidents happened between 7 am – 8 am at a specific spot. The Panchayat president finally solved the mystery after he received complaints from the locals.

The incident has been reported from Ranni, Pathanamthitta district, Kerala, and the video has been shared by Reporter TV on their YouTube channel. In the last one week, there have been several reports of accidents on a sharp curve on the highway. The spot where the accidents happen falls under Ranni Gram Panchayat. After inspection, it was found that the spot where the accidents happen was covered with some sort of oil or fuel, which was making two-wheelers lose control whenever they ride over it.

It was clear that the oil was spilling from a vehicle passing through the road. For the last one week, 6-7 accidents were happening at the spot every day. The accidents were only happening between 7 am to 8:30 am. The fire and safety officers cleared the oil spill from the road every day after they started hearing about the accidents. Mr. Prakash, the Panchayat President, also received complaints about the same, and he decided to check the cause of the accident himself. One day, he went to the spot at around 6:00 am and waited to see which vehicle was causing the mess.

As he was waiting, he saw a KSRTC bus from Pathanamthitta depot to Kumily, Idukki pass through the road, and as the driver turned the bus at the curve, it spilled diesel from the fuel tank. The bus driver was completely unaware of this. The bus spilled almost 5-10 liters of diesel on the road every day. Once he figured out the cause, he took his bike and followed the bus on the same route. He asked the bus driver to stop the bus at a junction and spoke to the driver about the incident.

Accidents everyday at same spot, same time! Finally mystery was solved
Mystery spot causing the accident

The driver then inspected the tank and realized that he was indeed losing diesel from the tank. They also informed the station master at the nearby depot about the incident and then continued the journey. The reason why diesel was spilling from the tank was that the fuel filler cap on the diesel tank was missing a washer. This meant the cap was not sitting correctly. Whenever the bus turned, the fuel would leak out. All the buses that start a trip from the depot often fill the full tank with diesel. This is the reason why the bus was spilling diesel and causing an accident at a particular spot.

He also mentioned that most of the buses that pass through the road are driven rashly. They take turns at such curves at high speed, causing the fuel to spill or overflow from the tank. After he informed the authorities about the oil leak and the accidents, Prakash came back to the same spot the next day to check if they had worked on it. It turns out that the bus driver was very careful with his driving this time, and he did not spill diesel on the road.