Activa riders in Bangalore break mirror of Honda Amaze for ‘fun’: Arrested and scooter seized [Video]

honda activa riders break amaze sedan mirror bangalore

While incidents of road rage, involving fights between two individuals over a misunderstanding, are common on the road, a bizarre instance from Bengaluru involving a man unnecessarily breaking the rearview mirror of another car in motion might shock you. A video of a man breaking the rearview mirror of a car while sitting as a pillion on a scooter is going viral, raising questions about the lack of common sense and fearlessness exhibited by a few miscreants on the road when breaking traffic laws.

The video was uploaded by an individual whose X (formerly Twitter) handle is @3rdEyeDude on the social media platform. The video is said to be from Kanakapura Road in Bengaluru, where a red-colored Honda Amaze is seen driving cautiously.

Suddenly, a Honda Activa appears in the video, carrying three men. One of the pillion riders on the Activa is then seen breaking the co-driver side outside rearview mirror of the Amaze before quickly fleeing the scene.

Activa riders in Bangalore break mirror of Honda Amaze for ‘fun’: Arrested and scooter seized [Video]

The video appears to be taken from a dashcam of another vehicle behind the Honda Amaze in traffic. After the miscreants fled, the Honda Amaze driver steered his car to the roadside to inspect the damages. Fortunately for the Amaze owner, the entire incident was recorded on the dashcam in the car behind, which also captured the registration number of the Honda Activa involved.

Taking the dashcam footage as evidence, the Honda Amaze owner filed an FIR after tweeting about the incident on “X.” In the tweet, the Amaze owner posted the footage and tagged the Bengaluru City Traffic Police and the KS Layout traffic police accounts. Subsequent investigation revealed that there were already online fines pending on the scooter, amounting to Rs 19,000, in the name of the scooter owner.

Based on the footage, the KS Layout traffic police traced the Honda Activa and identified the scooter owner as Yellamma from Jayanagar. The person who broke the rearview mirror of the Amaze was identified as Rohit, a 21-year-old son of Yellamma. The traffic police official confirmed that the investigation is ongoing and that Rohit was drunk while committing this nonsensical act.

The traffic police official also added that a total of 39 traffic rules violations were pending against the scooter in the past, with total fines amounting to Rs 19,500. While the case has been transferred to the law and order police, the rider and the second pillion rider are still on the run.