Actor Mammootty goes for a 2,300 km long road trip in Australia [Video]

Megastar Mammootty is big time car enthusiast. He has a good collection of luxury cars and SUVs in his garage. He along with his son Dulquer Salman, who is also an actor and auto enthusiast own the so-called ‘369 garage’. Mammootty like to drive cars and unlike many celebrities, he is never seen on the rear seat or on the co-passenger seat. He does have a driver but, the guy is either seen on the co-passenger seat or on the rear seat. It looks like the actor is out on a vacation in Australia and a video of him driving a car in Australia has now gone viral on the internet.

The video has been shared by Robert Kuriakose, who is the PRO to the actor and also director at Care and Share International Foundation. The actor along with his wife and his friend Rajasekharan were visiting Australia. What makes this video viral well, the actor drove the car for almost 2,300 km in this road trip. The video that has now surfaced online shows the actor behind the steering wheel of a car that looks like a Kia. Robert who was with the actor in this trip recorded small video clips and stitched them together before posting it on social media. The actor started the drive from Sidney and crossed Canberra, Melbourne and went towards Tasmania. The actor drove through the island state in two days.

Robert in the caption of this video has written that Mammootty was enjoying every kilometer on the road and he was also happy with the way how people in Australia were actually following the rules while driving. Mammootty was driving the car calmly through the road and Robert mentions that he enjoyed the view around him while he was driving. They drove through grasslands and even road with tall trees. It even rained and the actor shared some of his stories from his college days durin the drive. The car that the actor is seen driving in the video is a new car and it is owned by Robert’s friend in Australia. This was the first phase of his visit to Australia and in this phase only he drove the car for almost 2,300 km.

Actor Mammootty goes for a 2,300 km long road trip in Australia [Video]

Mammootty is one of the biggest names in Malayalam film industry. He started his acting career in 1971 and has acted in over 400 movies. Mammootty has also produced many movies in Malayalam. He has also acted in other languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and even Hindi. Other than movies, the actor is often known for his craze for electronic gadgets like smartphone, camera and also cars. While Mammootty is in to luxury and feature loaded cars, his son Dulquer Salmaan like classics. The actor currently has cars like Porsche Panamera, Land Rover Defender, Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG, Porsche Cayenne. Other than this some of the other cars in 369 garage include Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, Porsche 911 GT3, BMW M3 E46 and couple of generations of Land Cruiser SUVs that have been restored by Dulquer Salmaan.