Actor-politician Pawan Kalyan rides on the roof of a Ford Endeavour defying cops [Video]

Politicians are known for theatrics. When an actor gets into politics, more theatrics is often the end-result. This is exactly how it played out yesterday, as actor-politician Pawan Kalyan defied police orders and reached Guntur in a convoy of cars and SUVs. The actor-politician was on his way to Ippatam village in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh to meet villagers affected by a recent demolition drive. Leading the convoy, Pawan Kalyan sat atop of a Ford Endeavour luxury SUV, even as a bunch of other escort vehicles including Mahindra Scorpio and TUV300 SUVs trailed behind. Nearly, every SUV in this convoy appears to be driven rashly. Here, take a look at this video that shows what really happened.

As the video indicates, Pawan Kalyan is sitting on top of the Ford Endeavour SUV as it drives across a highway, and later a dirt road. The Endeavour seems to be driven at decent speeds, and Pawan Kalyan has nothing to hold on to except the roof rails of the SUV. A bunch of security personnel ride on the running board of the Endeavour, again quite dangerously.

The video also indicates that cars in the convoy were swerving wildly, and at one point, a black Mahindra Scorpio nearly hits the grade separator as it gets squeezed by another convoy vehicle that was overtaking it from the left. All in all, these theatrics from the actor-politician is not just in extreme poor taste but also very dangerous.

What can go wrong?

Actor-politician Pawan Kalyan rides on the roof of a Ford Endeavour defying cops [Video]

A lot. Firstly, if the Ford Endeavour driver had to apply brakes in an emergency, Pawan Kalyan – sitting on the roof – and the entire troop of people standing on the running boards, are likely to lose balance and fall off the vehicle. A fall at such speeds can cause fatal head injuries. Then, there’s always the risk of being run over by other convoy vehicles that are following the Endeavour at good speeds.

Many social media users want police to act against Pawan Kalyan

Citizens on social media are calling out the actor-politician for resorting to dangerous behavior on top of a moving vehicle. Many citizens have even tagged the Andhra Pradesh police on Twitter, urging action against Pawan Kalyan. Here’s a related thread on Twitter.


Over the past few months, there have been various instances of politicians dangerously riding on SUVs. Such acts from politicians normalizes ‘dangerous driving’, sending out a very wrong message to the general public, many of whom may emulate these acts. This must be curbed immediately for the greater good, and law makers should not become law breakers.